Large rectangular tube steel

Do you know what?
Square and Large rectangular tube steel in addition to common sizes are also produced with those large sizes.
For example, 100×100, or 300×200.
Let’s learn more about this large tube steel with  Tiger Steel!!

Dimensions of large rectangular steel tube

The large-sized steel tube has a variety of sizes for customers to easily choose from.
You can refer to some sizes of products distributed at  Tiger Steel:

Large size square steel tube:

  • Steel square tube 100×100
  • Steel square tube 125×125
  • Steel square tube 150×150
  • Steel square tube 175×175
  • Steel square tube 200×200
  • Steel square tube 250×250
  • Steel square tube 300×300
large-size steel squares
Steel square tube

Large rectangular steel tube:

  • Steel rectangular tube 125×75
  • Steel rectangular tube 150×75
  • Steel rectangular tube 150×100
  • Steel rectangular tube 175×125
  • Steel rectangular tube 200×100
  • Steel rectangular tube 200×150
  • Steel rectangular tube 250×150
  • Steel rectangular tube 300×200
  • Steel rectangular tube 350×150
  • Steel rectangular tube 350×250
  • Steel rectangular tube 400×200
Steel rectangular tube
Steel rectangular tube

Specification table of large-size steel square

Please take a look at the specification table of the steel square below! If you need more detailed information, you can directly contact  Tiger Steel.

Specifications of large-size steel square
Specifications of large-size steel square

Do you need to buy large-size steel squares, galvanized steel pipe, all kinds of steel squares, or imported cast steel pipe, … you can contact  Tiger Steel. Promise to give you a good price.

Purchase process at Tiger Steel

Customers contact to order at the company

please call Hotline – Zalo Or send an email to the company

Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse and quote, and set the delivery time for the customer.

To make a contract, customers transfer a deposit of 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer)

We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50%.

Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. We sincerely thank you for your trust and purchase of the company in the past time. Wishing you and your partners health, prosperity, and success.

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