Large size steel pipe fittings

Large size steel pipe fittings


  • Tiger Steel is a distributor of large welded steel pipes with a full range of different sizes and accessories.
    We supply  black steel pipes, large steel pipe fittings with full sizes, different sizes such as:
  • Large size steel pipe DN250: 273mm x 4.19mm 6.35mm 7.8mm 9.27mm 12.7mm 15.09mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN300: 323.8mm x 4.57mm 6.35mm 8.38mm 9.53mm 10.31mm 12.7mm 17.48mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN350: 355.6mm x 6.35mm 7.92mm 9.53mm 11.13mm 12.7mm 19.05mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN400: 406.4mm x 6.35mm 7.92mm 9.53mm 12.7mm 12.7mm 21.44mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN450: 457.2mm x 6.35mm 7.92mm 11.13mm 9.53mm 14.27mm 12.7mm 23.83mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN500: 508mm x 6.35mm 9.53mm 12.7mm 9.53mm 15.09mm 12.7mm 26.19mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN550: 558.8mm x 6.35mm 9.53mm 12.7mm 9.53mm 15.09mm 12.7mm 28.58mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN600: 609.6mm x 6.35mm 9.53mm 14.27mm 9.53mm 17.48mm 12.7mm 30.96mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN650: 660.4mm x 7.92mm 12.7mm 9.53mm 12.7mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN700: 711.2mm x 7.92mm 12.7mm 15.88mm 9.53mm 12.7mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN750: 762mm x 7.92mm 12.7mm 15.88mm 9.53mm 12.7mm
  • Large size steel pipe DN800: 812.8mm x 7.92mm 12.7mm 15.88mm 9.53mm 12.7mm

Large size steel pipe fittings

  • We also distribute  large-sized steel pipe fittings, threaded fittings and  welded fittings.
    Threaded fittings are often used for small sized pipes (DN15 – DN100) because the threaded connection method has a lower pressure than the connection welding method.
    However, the advantage is that it is easy to install the system quickly.

Threaded fittings

  • Standards: BS 1387 -1985, DIN EN 10242, Q/JZ 01/2012,…
    Steel grade: Carbon steel ASTM A105, Inox 304, Inox 316…
    Size: 1/2″ – 4″ (DN15 – DN100)
    Pressure: 16 Mpa (Max)
    Working temperature: Max 200 degrees Celsius
    Type: Black / Galvanized / Stainless steel
    Origin: Vietnam, China, Korea….

Welded Fittings

  • Standard: ASTM / JIS G3443
    Pressure: SCH10, SCH20, SCH40, SCH80, SCH160……
    Size:  From ” to 24”  (21.3mm to 3000mm)
    Origin: Vietnam (Our factory directly processes according to customer requirements)


  • Connecting pipes in water pumping systems, irrigation systems, clean water pipes, liquids, oil and gas, pressure boilers and fire protection systems…

In addition, our Tiger Steel Company also distributes SeAH galvanized steel pipes, galvanized  steel square, black steel pipes, black steel square , large steel pipes, stainless steel square, H-U-V-I shaped steels, Firefighting materials. , …..

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