Large size steel pipe Imported D141

Large size steel pipe Imported D141

Large size steel pipe Imported D141

 –TIger Steel Company provides large-sized steel pipes with all specifications, according to the needs of customers.

– Always have CO-CQ invoices of manufacturers and importers.

– Production standard: ASTM

– Nominal diameter: DN125

– Outer diameter: 141.3mm

– Thickness: 3.96mm; 4.78mm; 5.56mm; 6.35mm

Pipe length: 6m.

Application: Large size steel pipe used in civil and industrial construction, domestic clean water pipe, fire protection system, advertising pole, …

Large size steel pipe D141

– When coming to  Tiger Steel Company, the genuine distributor in Vietnam and Cambodia has all kinds of  Hoa Phat steel, SeAH steel, VinaOne…

–Over the years in the market, it has been trusted by customers and investors.

– We have different specifications of steel pipes.

– Including steel pipe Φ D141  with the following dimensions:

  • D141 x 3.96 mm,
  • D141 x 4.78 mm,
  • D141 x 5.56 mm,
  • D141 x 6.35 mm

– Standard steel pipe sizes

  • Steel pipe D141,
  • Steel pipe D168,
  • Steel pipe D219,
  • Steel pipe D273,
  • Steel pipe D323,
  • Steel pipe D355,
  • Steel pipe D406,
  • Steel pipe D457,
  • Steel pipe D508,
  • Steel pipe D610.



Tiger Steel Company, has many different price lists and specifications

– With many years of experience in the field of supplying large-sized steel pipes.

– Tiger Steel always provides the best services for customers and investors.


Ống thép cỡ lớn phi d141 nhập khẩu - Thép Bảo Tín giá rẻ

Price list is for reference only, please call Tiger Steel

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