Latest SeAH Vietnam steel pipe catalog 2023

Latest SeAH Vietnam steel pipe catalog 2023

SeAH Steel Pipe is the leading steel pipe brand in Vietnam. The product is a 100% Korean-owned company, produced in Bien Hoa and Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. Take a look at SeAH Steel Pipe. There is some information you need to know to better understand SeAH steel pipe products.

SeAH Vietnam steel pipe catalog

You can download the SeAH steel pipe catalog. SeAH is a leading brand in Vietnam in the production of high-quality black steel pipes.

SeAH factory is located in Bien Hoa Industrial Park and Nhon Trach Industrial Park, Dong Nai.

Raw steel billets are imported from Korea, and a team of experts as well as high-end machinery and technology from Korea produce high-quality galvanized steel pipe products.

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Why choose SeAH steel pipes?

SeAH Steel Pipe was the first steel pipe manufacturer to export products to the Japanese market in 1999 and the US in 2006. SeAH has succeeded in bringing its name to the world market. SeAH has exported to many different countries, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Taiwan, etc.

SeAH Vietnam Steel Pipe, with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year, is contributing to the world’s top-quality steel pipe products market.
SeAH Vietnam is one of the very few factories that can produce steel pipes according to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API 5L and API 5CT). Fire protection pipes according to American UL and FM standards

SeAH steel pipes are designated by most companies from Korea investing in Vietnam to be used as construction products throughout the territory of Vietnam from south to north.

If you are in need of SeAH steel pipes and need a catalog to present to investors or for research, please download it here:

Click to download seah catalog: SeAH Vietnam Steel Catalog

Download catalogue ống seah

Contents of SeAH steel pipe catalog

The following is the table of contents, please refer to it first:

  • Preface
  • Summary of the history of formation and development
  • Product
  • Supply tube size
  • Production line
  • Black steel pipes and galvanized pipes (BS 1387/EN10255)
  • Black welded and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, ASTM A53

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