Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve M14

វ៉ាន Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve M14

Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve M14  is a high-quality product line manufactured in Vietnam, and distributed by Tiger steel & Bao Tin Steel. Bao Tin Steel is a distributor of Minh Hoa valves in the southern region with the best prices. Product
Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve M14

Specification of Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve 

Customers who are interested in the Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve refer to the following parameters and contact Tiger steel & Bao Tin Steel at hotline +84932059176 for a quote on the Locking Handle Brass Ball Valve.

  • A brass ball valve, large hole, threaded connection.
  • Red valve handle
  • Standard thread M14 x 1.25
  • Working pressure Max. 10 Bar ~ 10 Kg/cm2
  • Working temperature Max. 120oC


                     inchCỡ van









ØA (mm) 6
B (mm) 37
L (mm) 55,5
D (mm) 5
H (mm) 24.2
Weight (g) 55


NO    PART                    MATERIAL

1 Valve body Brass
2 Gaskets PTFE
3 Ball Brass
4 Shaft washers NBR
5 valve hand nut C45
6 Shaft cast iron
7 lock washer Galvanized steel
8 valve handle Inox
9 Valve cover Brass
10 Pipe end gasket Silicon
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Tiger Steel Cambodia is a branch of Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd.

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