machining Steel plate

Tiger steel specializes in manufacturing and processing steel plate according to the specifications required by customers. We accept cutting, cutting and punching according to the drawings provided by the customer. Contact hotline+84767.555.777 to receive a quote on processing costs immediately.

What is steel plate?

 Steel plate used to create bonds between materials to fix existing designs. The steel plate is widely used in construction works such as foundation construction, houses. Usually the steel plate will be rectangular, trapezoidal, and square. Depending on the size of the materials to be fixed, there will be a corresponding steel plate size. The product is used together with bolts to firmly fix the materials to be connected. On the market, there are a number of common types of steel plate such as: Column footer ciphertext, truss steel ciphertext, return steel plate, stiffening steel plate,

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Methods of steel plate production

Here are three common steel plate production methods that customers can refer to.

  • Plasma steel plate production: The product is cut using the temperature of a plasma jet that melts the material. This is an extremely fast and accurate method of cutting steel plate with low cost, but its accuracy will not be equal to that of the laser method.
  • Production of ciphertext by laser: The ciphertext is machined using the energy from the laser beam in contact to create precise cuts from the drawings. This method is highly appreciated in the current cutting steel plate methods on the market.
  • Producing steel plate by steam cutting: This is the first steel plate cutting method appearing on the market. With the main operating principle is to ignite the steel plate with the oxygen stream to form cutting grooves. However, this method will not create a perfect bevel for the product.

Processing, cutting, punching steel plate as required in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger steel is one of the reputable addresses specializing in cutting, chopping and punching holes of all kinds of steel plate with cheap prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers who need to process products can contact us at hotline  +84767.555.777 for a detailed quote.

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Besides producing steel plate, Tiger also distributes in the market all kinds of steel: cast steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, large steel pipe, black steel pipe, steel tube, steel plate, section steel and fitting (accessories). steel pipe. Customers who have needs can contact Tiger Steel at the following address:

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