Price list of fire protection equipment

Price list of fire protection equipment – Tiger Steel specializes in distributing pccc equipment: fire extinguishers, fire hoses, sprinkler nozzles, fire cabinets, fire angle valves, exit lights, fire alarms and other equipment that customers can refer to. Catalogue.

Price list of fire protection equipment

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Price list of fire protection equipment 2020

bảng giá thiết bị pccc

Price list for fire extinguishers

  • ABC powder 1 kg + inspection stamp
    ABC powder bottle 2kg + inspection stamp
    BD 4kg MFZ4 tank + inspection stamp
    ABC powder bottle 4kg MFZL4 + stamp
  • Fire extinguisher powder BC 8kg
    ABC powder fire extinguisher 8KG
    BC 35kg powder fire extinguisher
    ABC powder fire extinguisher 35kg
    Powdered flask BC 6kg XZFTB6
    Powdered flask BC 8kg XZFTB8
    Fire extinguisher CO2-MT2
    Fire extinguisher CO2-MT3
    Fire extinguisher CO2-MT5
    Fire extinguisher when CO2-MT24
    Fire extinguisher CO2-MT30
    Fire extinguisher CO2-MT45
  • The most advanced portable bottle PFE-1
    Faucon spray – Origin: Slovakia
    Faucon automatic spray – Slovakia
    500ml Mini Foam Fire Extinguisher
    Fire extinguisher made of 9 liter Foam
    Fire extinguisher Foam 50 liter MPTZ50
    Fire fighting Foam powder 200 liters

Fire hose price list

  • Hose Reel Reel DN20 30m long, Eversafe Malaysia
    Hose Reel Reel DN25 30m long, Eversafe Malaysia
    Roller roller DN19 is 30m long, China
    Horse Reel DN25 reel of 30 length, Sri – Malaysia
    Fire hose D50 13bar 20m joints – China
    D65 fire hose 10bar 20m with joints – China
    Fire hose D65 13bar 20m joints – China
    Fire hose D50 13bar 20m Korea Standard
    Fire hose D65 13bar 30m Korea Standard
    JAKOBDN50 20m fire hose with coupling
    JAKOBDN65 20m fire hose with coupling
    Germany Technology D50 17bar 30m faucet with joints
    Germany Technology D65 17bar 30m faucet with joints
    Fire hose D52 17bar 20m Germany Hummel Germany
    Fire hose D65 17bar 20m Germany Hummel Germany
    Fire hose D52 17bar 20m Jakob Eschbach Germany
    Fire hose D65 17bar 30m Jiakob Eschbach Germany
    Fire fighting D65 D50 D65 13 ba 20m Japanese Tomoken

Price list of Sprinkler nozzles

  • Sprinkler nozzles spray down / up China
    China horizontal sprinkler nozzles
    MT sprinkler nozzles spray down to China
    MT sprinkler nozzles spray onto China
    ZSWB China wall-mounted nozzle
    ZSWB heart shaped nozzle
    Open nozzle ZSTWC China
    Chander sprinkler nozzle down
    Sprinkler nozzle protector down, up, recessed, open
    Screen nozzle protector
    Wall sprinkler nozzle
    Foam protector protector PF-08
    Tyco ceiling nozzles UK-TY3551
    Tyco UK Ty 3351 sprinkler horizontal nozzles
    Sprinkler nozzles down, up, open

Price list of fire cabinets

  • fire cabinets indoor  are 400x600x200 common
    fire cabinets 450x600x220 wall-mounted  usually type
    Fire wall cabinets 500×650200 normal type
    Fire cabinets outside the house 500x700x250 normal type
    Fire cabinet 600x1200x2200
    Fire cabinet 700x1200x2200
    Fire cabinets outside the house 700x1200x2500
    Fire cabinets outside the house 10006x1260x250
    Fire cabinet 700×9 – xx250
    Cabinet box outside the house 450x700x300
    Cabinet box outside the house 550x900x350
    Cabinet box outside 750x1000x350

Price list of valves for fire fighting angle

  • Fire-fighting angle valve DN50
    Fire angle valve DN65
    Brass angle valve DN50-B
    Brass angle valve DN65-A
    Fire extinguisher DN50 16bar ShinYi
    Fire extinguisher DN65 16bar ShinYi

Price list of fire sprinklers

  • DB50 aluminum spray
    Hand spray nozzle DN50
    Hand spray nozzle DN65
    Brass spray nozzle DN50
    Brass spray nozzle DN65
    Spray nozzle Foam G300 DN50
    Spray nozzle Foam G300 DN65

Black price list exit

  • Kemtom 2-sided exit light KT620
    Kemtom 1-sided exit light KT610
    Kemtom 2-sided exit light KT650
    Kemtom 2-sided exit light KT660
    2-in-1 incident lights – Exit 2E
    AKT 2-sided exit light
    Portable rechargeable light KT-204
    Kemtom emergency lighting
    Paragon emergency lights
    Paragon Exit Exit Light

Quotation of fire alarm center

  • Chat Center Networx Zone NX4, NX6, NX8
    Center for fire alarm 4 channels YF3-4L-Fomasa
    Center for 8-channel fire alarm Ỳ-3 8L -Fomasa
    Smoke detector TX713-Tanda
    Smoke detector S13T-4-Taiwan
    Optical smoke detector FMD-602 12V Fomasa
    Temperature rise detector FMD-WS19L-Fomasa
    Sensor detector Wizmart 9V-7-739-BAT, using 9v battery
    YRD-01-Yan Yang Incremental Heat Smoke Detector
    Fixed temperature smoke detector 70 degrees C
    24VDC combined thermal smoke detector
    Smoke detector CM-WT33LT-Chung Mei
    Gas detector in place JIC-678A-Chung Mei

Fire alarm quote

  • 12v fire alarm – Chung Mei
    Fire alarm 24v CM-FB6-Chung Mei
    Buzzer chatter, 12v / 24v alarm – China
    Fire alarm FBB-150i- Hochiki

igersteel distributes fire protection equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

Tigersteel specializes in distributing high quality pccc equipment. Customers can refer to the catalog to know information about the equipment as well as specifications, dimensions. Customers wishing to buy goods can contact Hotline 0932.059.176 for advice and product quotation. Contact Tigersteel at the following address:

  • Hotline: 0932.059.176
  • Email:
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  • Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City





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