Price list of FKK welding fitting updated with standard prices.

The most prestigious brand in construction materials today can only make you trust and feel secure that is the Japanese iron and steel brand, our company is also the leading unit in importing Japanese steel, As a facility specializing in importing steel, you can be completely assured, when you find the right quality products, save costs, considerable effort and also faster construction time … please contact us via hotline 0932059176 in order to receive the best advice, FKK’s products imported by Tiger Steel Company have all obtained international quality certificates such as JIS and ISO 9001 management system, products are available in all sizes. Wide range of sizes for the steel industry , manufactured according to JIS standards, specialized in serving civil works and construction industry.

giấy chứng nhận đại lý thép Nhật
Japanese Steel Dealer Certificate

Please  refer FKK welding fitting price list updated with standard prices .

The following include:

Price list of black welding elbow

Price list of black welding tee .

Price list of black welding elbow 45

Price list of black welding concentric reducer

Price list for galvanized welding elbow

Price list for galvanized welding tee.

Price list for galvanized welding concentric reducer.

Price list of  welding cap


Welding agent price list.

bang gia dai ly co han
Dealer price list concentric reducer.


Dealer price list of Tee

Dealer price list reduce tee

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