Price list of galvanized thread accessories

Tiger Steel Co.,Ltd specializes in providing galvanized thread fittings imported from China and Thailand with the best price in Ho chi Minh City

phụ kiện ren mạ kẽm

Galvanized threaded fittings include some basic types as follows:

* Co ren 90 – Elbow 90 degree

* Co lơi ren 45 – elbow 45 degree

* Co lơi giảm 45 – Reducing elbow 45 degree

* Co giảm 90 – Reducing elbow 90 degree

* Co điếu ren 90 – Street elbow 90

* Co điếu ren 45 – Street elbow 45

* Tê ren, tê giảm ren – Tee, reducing tee

* Tê 2 đầu ren trong, 1 đầu ren ngoài – Service tees

* Hai đầu ren (kép ren) – Nipple, reducing nipple

* Rắc co ren (dùng cho nước, dùng cho hơi) – union, reducing union

* Măng sông ren, măng sông ren bằng thép (steel coupling), măng sông hàn (dùng cho nối ống siêu âm) – coupling

* Bầu giảm ren, côn thu ren – reducing coupling

* Nối ren trong ren ngoài – extensions

* Cà rá ren, lơ thu – bushings

* Nắp ren, nút ren – caps, plugs

* Hai đầu ren 1 tấc, 2 tấc (xem)

* Thập ren – crosses

Threaded accessories are available in sizes from 21 to 114 (DN15 – DN100). From DN125 and above, order 35 days to enter.

Goods are imported from China

Application: connecting steel pipes in oil, gas, water, fire protection…

You can download a quote here:

Price list of galvanized thread accessories Tiger steel

***The notice is valid from January 1, 2020 until new prices are available.

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