Price list of welding Fittings FKK

Quotation of welding Fittings FKK cLatest update 2020. Please refer to the price list Weld Elbow, Concentric reducer, Weld Tee, weld Cap weld Reduce Tee . Call Hotline 0932.059.176 for advice.

Price list of welding Fittings FKK

Customers can directly view the FKK quote or download it here: Price list of welding Fittings FKK

Price list of welding elbow FKK

Customers refer to the price list Weld elbow FKK 45 degree, 90 degree ith two main types galvanized Weld elbow anh Black weld elbow have the following dimensions:

  • Weld elbow 15A
  • Weld elbow 20A
  • Weld elbow 25A
  • Weld elbow 32A
  • Weld elbow 40A
  • Weld elbow 50A
  • Weld elbow 65A
  • Weld elbow 80A
  • Weld elbow 100A
  • Weld elbow 125A
  • Weld elbow 150A
  • Weld elbow 200A
  • Weld elbow 250A

Bảng giá co hàn FKK 2020

Price List of Concentric Reducer FKK

Black Concentric Reducer and Galvanized Concentric Reducer with specific sizes and dimensions in the following table:

  • Concentric reducer 20
    Concentric reducer 25
    Concentric reducer 32
    Concentric reducer 40
    Concentric reducer 50
    Concentric reducer 65
    Concentric reducer 80
    Concentric reducer 100
    Concentric reducer 125
    Concentric reducer 150 .

báo giá bầu giảm đồng tâm 2020

Price list of s Reduced Tee FKK

Customers refer to the following sizes of reduced Tee:

  • Reduce Tee 20
  • Reduce Tee 25
  • Reduce Tee 32
  • Reduce Tee 40
  • Reduce Tee 50
  • Reduce Tee 65
  • Reduce Tee 80
  • Reduce Tee 100
  • Reduce Tee 125
  • Reduce Tee 150

bảng giá tê giảm fkk 2020

Price list of Tee and Cap,

Csizes of Tee, Cap that Tiger Steel is distributing:

  • Tee, Cap 15A
  • Tee, Cap 20A
  • Tee, Cap 25A
  • Tee, Cap 32A
  • Tee, Cap 40A
  • Tee, Cap 50A
  • Tee, Cap 65A
  • Tee, Cap 80A
  • Tee, Cap 100A
  • Tee, Cap 125A
  • Tee, Cap 150A

bảng giá tê đều chén hàn fkk 2020

Distribution of FKK Fittings in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger steel distributes all kinds of FKK accessories with the best prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Please refer to the catalog and download the accessory price list for reference. If customers need advice on products, they can contact Tiger steel at the following address:

  • Hotline: 0932.059.176
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, HCMC

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