Shin Yi pressure relief valve – Taiwan

Shin Yi pressure reducing valve is the series cast iron valve Used to reduce pipe pressure and pre-set pressure of water system. The product has the ability to self-adjust, smooth operation without causing noise.

Features of pressure relief valve:

  • The valve works on the principle of hydraulics, capable of accurately controlling the water level
    Diaphragm is constructed of Nylon and rubber for durability and precision.
    Use a set of pressure control valves that are easy to operate and precisely control pressure.
    Guided by upper and lower valve shafts. Assembled into valve diaphragm for long life and reliability.
    Both the inside and outside of the valve are covered with epoxy paint to resist environmental corrosion.
    Valves are manufactured according to ISO 7259-1998 standard

Van giảm áp Shin Yi

Construction of pressure reducing valve Shin Yi

cấu tạo van giảm áp shin Yi

Specifications of pressure reducing valve Shin Yi – Taiwan

thông số kỹ thuật van Shin Yi

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