Silent check valve Shin Yi (Taiwan)

Shin Yi Silent check valve (Taiwan) distributed by Tiger steel

We specialize in providing all kinds of Shin Yi silent check valves, Shin Yi cast iron valves.


Silent check valve is a type of valve used to protect against reverse flow.
Only allow flow in one direction only, and not in the opposite direction.
Silent cast iron check valve is a type of valve used to protect against backflow.
Only allow flow in one direction and prevent it from flowing in the opposite direction.
The valve operates fully automatically based on the flow force of the water flow.
The valve is connected to the flange system on both sides.


The silent check valve  is made up of  04 main components: valve body, valve stem, valve leaf and spring:
Valve body: cast from FCD450 spherical cast iron, both sides are covered with high-grade epoxy paint with a thickness of  ≥300 mm

– Valve: manufactured from 304 stainless steel, high durability, anti-rust.

–Valve blade: round disc manufactured from FCD450 spherical cast iron, 100% covered with EPDM rubber.

Suitable for both clean water and wastewater
– Spring: is inserted into the valve stem in the middle of the valve leaf and the valve body, made of 304 stainless steel, high strength, anti-rust

The principle of operation of the valve

When there is no fluid flow through the valve, the leafvalve under the action of spring thrust  is held firmly in the “Closed” position.

When flow occurs to the valve, under the action of flow pressure, the spring is forced, the valve leaf is pushed out of the closed position and allows flow to pass through the valve.

When the flow stops, the valve blade counteracts the backflow pressure and the spring force will return to the closed position, preventing backflow of water in the direction of the valve inlet.

Thus, the operation of the silent check valve is completely automatic under the action of the liquid flow.


– Operation automatic based on the force of water flow.

–Valves are manufactured from cast iron FCD450, EPDM rubber for high durability, anti-rust, safe for clean water.

– The valve is light in weight, compact in design, and takes up little space when installed.

Notes when installing Silent check valve:

Installed into a two-flange system, the following points should be noted when installing:

– Install the valve in the correct opening direction of the valve leaf.

– The distance between the two flanges should be fit with  the valve to install .

– A gasket between the flange and the valve can be used to increase system tightness.

– The pipe flange size must be the same as the valve flange size.

– Valves can be installed flexibly vertically or horizontally depending on the needs of use.

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