Specification of steel square weight 300×300 Hoa Phat

Specification of steel square weight 300×300 Hoa Phat

Specification of steel square weight 300×300 Hoa Phat Steel square is a type of steel with a hollow structure inside, which has long been used quite commonly in large and small projects of countries with developed industries such as the US, UK, France, Vietnam…

The raw materials to make steel  square are steel and some amount of carbon to increase the strength and bearing characteristics of the product. In addition, the steel square products are hot-dip galvanized to enhance the durability and anti-corrosion properties of the inner steel layer.

Specifications of steel square 300×300 Hoa Phat

According to Standard: ASTM, JIS standard, EN, GOST, DIN standard…

Steel Grade: SS400, A36, AH36 / DH36 / EH36, A572 Gr.50-Gr.70, A500 Gr.B-Gr.C, STKR400, STKR490, S235-S235JR-S235JO, S275-S275JO-S275JR, S355-S355JO -S355JR-S355J2H, Q345-Q345A-Q345B-Q345C-Q345D, Q235-Q235A-Q235B-Q235C-Q235D…

According to Standards: ASTM, JIS, EN, GOST, JIS, GP, TCVN…etc

Flexible payment, negotiable according to each order.

There are full papers: Invoice, Certificate of CO-CQ of the manufacturer.

100% new and unused, smooth surface, no pitting, no clay.

Made in Viet Nam

Applications of steel square  300×300 Hoa Phat: Used in the oil and gas industry, building structures, factories, processing, machine building, mechanical engineering and many other applications…


STT Product’s name Specifications (mm) Weight (Kg/meter)
1 Steel square 300x300x5 300 x 300 x 5 46.32
2 Steel square 300x300x6 300 x 300 x 6 55.39
3 Steel square 300x300x8 300 x 300 x 8 73.35
4 Steel square 300x300x10 300 x 300 x 10 91.06
5 Steel square 300x300x12 300 x 300 x 12 108.52
6 Steel square 300x300x15 300 x 300 x 15 134.24
7 Steel square 300x300x16 300 x 300 x 16 142.68
8 Steel square 300x300x20 300 x 300 x 20 175.8

Advantages of production process of  steel square 300X300 Hoa Phat

–Steel square is a product manufactured by the most advanced and modern technological lines according to the standards of countries with developed industries such as the US, Japan, UK, France and the standards to apply are: ASTM, JISG… Therefore, steel square  always has very high durability and is widely applied in many different projects. The ability to withstand pressure is extremely good, so for projects that require steel products with great pressure resistance, Square Box Steel is the most ideal product to choose.

– The quality of steel square products gives users complete peace of mind because the steel is resistant to high abrasion for environmental situations affecting steel. Because of the outstanding resistance as well as the solid structure of this steel. The amount of carbon in the steel structure is very high, so the ability to resist metal corrosion is extremely good. It also increases the durability of the product. This feature makes square box steel can be used for a long time for construction projects, as well as helping to save costs for investors.

– Low production costs: the raw materials to make Steel square are usually easy to find materials, and the price is quite cheap. Therefore,steel square products are always cheaper than other types of steel. Using steel square helps to save construction costs for investors.

– Long life: Although made of cheap materials, Steel square has a very long life. Especially the galvanized steel square line, the durability is multiplied many times. With anti-corrosion, no rust, the life of the product is usually from 60 to 70 years.

–Easy to check and repair: With the naked eye, you can also check the termites on the body of the steel. When problems occur in termites, it will be easier for engineers to overcome and repair.

– Less affected by temperature: Even if the ambient temperature is as high as that of the outdoors, it still does not affect the quality of  steel square for a long time because of the special structure integrated in the product.

– Hard surface: The material is mainly steel and carbon, so it ensures that the steel square has a surface that is 20 times stronger than normal steel. You can completely trust the ability of section steel when present in your project.

However, it is also impossible not to mention the disadvantages that exist besides the countless advantages that are low roughness, not high aesthetics.

Application of steel square 300×300 Hoa Phat

Steel square 300×300 Hoa Phat widely used in industrial electrical construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, in road and bridge construction, heavy industry, factory construction, structure infrastructure, prefabricated house structure, mechanical industry, furniture, car trunks and other household items…

– Making roof frames

–Close the formwork

– Making prefabricated house frames

– Making truck chassis

– Construction of frames of high-rise buildings

– Making the foundation for large buildings

– Making stair railings

– Make a light pole

– Used to lay steel beam structure

– Making steel pipes

– Cables for elevators

Distributor of genuine Hoa Phat 300×300  steel square

Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. is known as a company specializing in supplying and distributing Hoa Phat steel in general and iron and steel in particular, products at Tiger steel are always appreciated for their quality and design. and especially the reasonable price, with more than 10 years of experience as a supplier of Hoa Phat steel pipes and materials, Tiger steel always tries to find reputable and quality sources in many countries around the world. world for the purpose is to bring customers the best quality products to create trust for customers with Tiger steel.

Why should you choose Tiger Steel as a material supplier for your project?

+Hoa Phat steel pipe provided by our company is 100% new, not defective, old or rusty.

+ Products have full origin documents and manufacturer’s CO/CQ certificate.

+ The company covers exchange, refund for defective or unqualified goods

+Price includes VAT

+ The company always takes customer satisfaction as a development goal, always listens to your suggestions, respects and is ready to cooperate with you to develop together.

+ We have a team of staff who are always enthusiastic, honest to quote the right price and product origin.

+ Competitive price, fast delivery, on schedule of works.

+ Always listen and always understand to satisfy customers.

Customers buying at Tiger Steel will enjoy the following incentives:

+Free shipping within the city

+ There are many preferential policies for loyal customers, high discounts for large orders.

+ Discount for each specific order

+ Flexible and convenient payment for customers.

+ In particular, we also accept to cut steel pipes according to customer requirements, according to many different specifications and standards according to customer needs in large quantities.

In addition to Hoa Phat steel pipe products, Tiger steel also provides the following materials:

–Steel pipes SeAh, Nam Kim, Viet Duc, Vina…

– Galvanized steel coil

– Hot-dip galvanized section steel

– Seamless steel pipe

Purchase process at Tiger  Steel

  • Customers contact to order at the company
  • Please call Hotline – Zalo
    Or send an email to the company
  • Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse and quote, finalize the delivery time for the customer.
  • Make a contract, customers transfer 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer)
  • We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50%.

Tiger steel Co., Ltd. We sincerely thank you for your trust and purchase of the company in the past time. Wishing you and your partners health, prosperity and success.


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