Steel Pipe Fittings SCH40 Hoa Phat

Steel Pipe Fittings SCH40 Hoa Phat


Steel Pipe Fittings SCH40 Hoa Phat Tiger Steel specializes in providing welding accessories for SCH40, Hoa Phat Elbow, Seamless elbow, Welding Tee of all kinds…

Fitting Elbow Welding SCH40

  • Welded Elbow Fittings SCH40 is a suitable length product for Seamless steel pipe, used for welded steel pipe.
  • There are many specifications and sizes according to the needs of customers at the company Tiger Steel Steel.
    Welded Elbow SCH40 is one of the steel pipe specifications,  Welded Elbow is a necessary product to save construction time.
  • Creates aesthetics and solidity, longevity for the pipe system.
    Company Tiger Steel  has a full range of  steel pipes, accessories and materials according to your needs.
    Used in water and oil pipeline systems with many qualities such as Seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, black steel pipes…
  • SCH40 is a commonly used product in industry, building fire protection systems, steam pipes, and petroleum.…
  • Standard of welding shrinkage: ASTM-A234.
    Types of welding Elbow: SCH160, SCH80,  SCH20, SCH10…
    Used for water, steam, gasoline, … with 90 degrees, 135 degrees….

Standard sch40 welding fittings are divided into 2 types:

  • SCH40 accessories with paint: During the production process, they are covered with a layer of paint to prevent oxidation from the environment.
  • Elbow SCH40 is galvanized: Helps steel pipes to be coated with an anti-oxidation zinc layer, suitable for humid, acidic environments.
  • Welding has sizes from small to large suitable for each type of steel pipe.
    Φ DN10 to DN1000.
    Materials: Carbon steel, SS400, cast iron, stainless steel.
    Origin: Korea, China, Vietnam.

Application:  Used in oil and gas systems, chemicals, boilers, water supply and drainage systems, firefighting  systems, ……

In addition, the company Tiger Steel also distributes all kinds of fittings and galvanized steel pipes, Seamless steel pipes, large steel pipes, industrial valves,….

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