SW Forged Brass Air release valve

SW Forged Brass Air release valve

1. Introduction

The SW Chromium Plated SW forged brass air release valve is a kind of brass valve where the valve device is installed on the pipeline to discharge all excess gas from the liquid pipeline.
Made of brass, can also be made of chrome-plated brass, and especially this type is only available in threaded, threaded pipe fitting type.


SW Forged Brass Air release valve

Specifications of SW Forged Brass Air release valve

– Materials: brass, chromium Plated

– Sizes: 15A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A equivalent to inch system: 1/2″; 3/4 ;1” 1.1/4” ; 1.1/2” ; 2″

– Mounting type: Threaded mounting

– Pressure: PN10, PN16

– Sealing gasket: NBR. rubber

– Temperature: 0-80 degrees Celsius

– Origin: Italy

Structure and working principle: 

a. Structure:

The valve is composed of four main components as follows:

– The valve body is made from brass, brass, chrome-plated brass

– The air vent at the bottom of the foot connects to the pipe

– A compressed air outlet at the top of the valve

– The float, the ball inside the valve is made of stainless steel

b. Principle of operation

The Brass Air Screwed Release Valve in particular and the exhaust valve in general have the following operating principles:
When the water rises, the float is responsible for pushing the valve stem to pull down to prevent water from overflowing and vice versa, the gas in the pipeline rises.
Water passes through the pipe through the process of impact, creating air bubbles arising in the pipe, gradually accumulating in large arrays, pushing to the top of the pipe, and passing through the outflow slot, the valve float is responsible for closing when the water flows. overflow and push the float to seal the air vent to prevent water from escaping

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