The difference between a gate valve and a floating valve

What is the gate valve?

Gate valve , lock valve, two-way valve are type of valve submerged and floating, opening and closing crank like a steering wheel.

Valve material can be threaded copper, or cast iron, stainless steel.

Intended for liquid flows such as clean water, fire fighting water, chemicals …

There are two common types of gate valves are submerged tycoon and flotation ty.

What is the difference between gate valve and a floating valve?

van cổng ty chìm và ty nổi

Looking at the picture above, we also easily see the difference between the two.

And corresponding to its name, the typhoid is often used to float on the ground or water, while the submerged valve can be submerged underwater and deep underground.

Where to buy good gate valve?

Currently, on the market there are many types of gate valves, with many different origins.

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  • Emico valve
  • And many firms with guaranteed quality, competitive prices.

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