U shaped steel

U-shaped steel is a structural steel with good bearing capacity, widely used in the equipment manufacturing industry. Tiger steel imports all kinds of steel from: Korea, Japan, China, Russia and also in the country.

U-shaped steel specification

Customers refer to the types of U steel that Tiger steel are distributing. We distribute U steel with full documentation such as invoices and factory certificates. Customers can contact us if they need to provide more information about the product as well as a detailed quote on the types of section steel.

Quy cách thép hình U

Latest updated U-shaped steel quotation 2020

Tiger steel provides the latest updated U steel price list on its website so that customers can access information about product prices as quickly as possible. Customers wishing to buy products contact us for the fastest advice.

báo giá thép hình U

Distribution of U steel in Ho Chi Minh City

We are a company specializing in distributing all kinds of section steel in Ho Chi Minh City. With typical shaped steel products such as: v-shaped steel, i-shaped steel, c-shaped steel, z-shaped steel, h-shaped steel … Guaranteed quality products with clear origin and distribution at the best prices in the market . In addition, we also sell all kinds of cast steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, large steel pipes and black steel pipes … Customers can refer to the catalog to better understand the products that we are trading.

phân phối thép u tại Tphcm

Customers contact Tiger steel at the following address for detailed advice on the types of steel that customers are interested in:

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