Welding Tee SCH20 A234

Welding Tee SCH 20 A234 is that good?

Is Welding Tee SCH20 A234 good is the question of interested customers when looking to buy this welding tee product line.

Dear valued customers, we are an importer of seamless steel pipes, large welded steel pipes and welding fittings from China and Korea with guaranteed quality, reasonable price.

Welding accessories have many types with different standards, such as JIS B 2311/ SGP (this type is currently being manufactured by Japanese FKK in Vietnam, so the price is very good):

ASME A234/ ANSI B16.9 x SCH20/ SCH40/ SCH80, and high pressure seamless fittings according to ASME A105…

Welded tees according to SCH20 A234 standard are imported by Tiger steel with good quality.

Suitable for use with pipes manufactured according to ASTM / API standards.

How is the picture of SCH20 A234 welding tee?

Below is the actual image of the soldering tee product S20 A234 that we have imported.

And are providing to customers in Ho Chi Minh City, please consult.


SCH20 A234 where to buy?

Currently, in Vietnam, factories only produce welded tees according to JIS B 2311 standard.

Therefore, all SCH20 welding tee products in Vietnam are imported from countries such as:

India, Korea, Japan, China. Italia

Tiger Steel Company is a direct importer of welding fitting according to ASME/ ANSI B16.9 . standard

With levels SCH20/ SCH40/ SCH80 and distributed in Vietnam at very reasonable prices.

For welding accessories, please call  09320599176 to meet sales staff.

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