What are the types of steel Square?

Steel Squaremanufactured and distributed by Tiger Steel are commonly used in construction and construction industries including square box steel, rectangular steel box, galvanized box steel, black square and rectangular steel box, and box steel. Hot dip, stainless steel box, hereby Tiger Steel will share the uses and applications of each type of steel mentioned above as follows::

Steel square

– Including sizes such as steel  square 60x60x3.5mm, steel  square  200 × 200, steel square 50 × 50 … with many different sizes according to customer requirements. Of manufacturers such as Hoa Phat, SeAH …

thép hộp vuông maruichi

Rectangular steel

– Similar to square  steel, rectangular steel differs only in product size proportions. This  steel line is widely used in areas such as construction structures, elevator systems …

– Products with thickness from 0.5mm to 20mm, or customers can request separately for Bao Tin Steel to manufacture or import.

Black square steel comes in many different sizes, thanks to the high carbon content, good resistance to force. Product has a hollow body, square shape. Customers can order products according to individual requirements if needed. The characteristic of square  steel is high strength, so it is less affected by external forces, high quality although the product price is cheap, easy to form during construction and the surface is more barrier than conventional steel.

The rectangular steel and the square steel have similar properties, the most prominent difference being its size. Interested customers can contact Tiger Steel to get a quote for black  steel.retangular We will advise customers to buy the best product with the cheapest price in the Vietnamese market.

Hot-dipped galvanized square and rectangular steel tube

Galvanized steel tube is a completely new product line supplied by Tiger Steel Company upon request and order. The product uses hot dip galvanized technology on the Japanese JIS G 3466 standard cold-rolled steel base, so it has a high surface coating durability, good corrosion and erosion resistance, especially suitable for the application at marine areas.

In addition, with the advantage of a glossy, bright surface, unlimited length, the product is very suitable for industrial construction, interior and exterior (especially for outdoor projects). Reasonable price, fast delivery within 03 days since ordering (depending on quantity).


Stainless steel industrial and decorative Tube

Tiger Steel specializes in providing stainless steel and decorative steel boxes, materials 201, 304, 304L, 316 and all kinds of stainless steel boxes. Products have many diverse origins such as Korea, ASIA, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam … High quality, best price for customers to choose according to their needs. Bao Tin Steel is a reputable distributor of stainless steel boxes, stainless steel pipes and high quality stainless steel accessories with the cheapest prices on the market. Customers needing advice and receiving quotes of stainless steel industrial boxes as well as other types of products can call hotline 0932059176 for the fastest supply.

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