What types of steel shaped are there?

What types of steel shaped are there?

Steel ShapeDistributed, imported and traded by Tiger Steel, including types such as shaped I, V, H, U, C, details of each type of shaped steel are as follows.

♦ V Nha Be steel such as V20, V25, V30, V40, V50, V63, V70, V75, V80, V90, V100 steel, 20 × 20 to 300 × 300 galvanized with all flux thicknesses use.

bảng giá thép hình I

thép hình I

TLarge size I, H shape, 12m long tree, a large quantity Bao Tin Steel specializes in supplying I and H shaped steel of all kinds, and tree length is from 3m to 12m. Shaped steel is used in road and bridge construction, factory construction, prefabricated house structure, mechanical industry.

+Steel mark of Russia: CT3, … standard: GOST 380 – 88.
+ Steel mark of Japan: SS400, … standard: JIS G 3101, SB410, 3010.
+ Steel mark of China: SS400, Q235B… standard: JIS G3101, SB410, 3010.
+ American steel mark: A36, … standard: ATSM A36.
Quy cách thép hình v
thép hình v
Steel C, specifically Purlin C is a material widely used in the construction industry. There are two types of purlins are black purlins and galvanized steel purlins, products are used a lot in trusses, levers of civil housing projects, factories. The product is manufactured from hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel, so it has a very good hardness and is able to quickly corrode under the impact of the environment. Not only that, purlin is cheap, easy to construct and install, so many people choose to use.
thép hình I
thép hình U, C
U-shaped steel is U-shaped steel, used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, factory structure, mechanics, construction, … Steel grades: CT3, SS400, A36, Q235, Q345 … Standard: JIS G 3101, SB410, 3010. Bao Tin Steel is distributing many types of U, C steel with the best price in the market.
Tiger Steel is one of the prestigious addresses specializing in trading all kinds of cast steel pipes, large steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, black steel pipes, steel boxes, shaped steel, steel plates and all kinds of steel pipe fittings. In addition, we also import steel pipes according to customers’ own specifications, so if there is a need, customers contact Bao Tin Steel to buy products with the best prices.
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