Welded steel pipe DN300

Welded steel pipe DN300 has a hollow structure inside, and the wall thickness is thin or not too thick, but the advantage is that the bearing capacity is also quite good. Depending on the size of the pipe, welded pipes are applied in different projects, for small or medium-sized pipe products, they will be applied in civil works, prefabricated houses, and trusses. teachers, lighting poles, traffic light poles….

Welded steel DN300 is generally divided into two types straight welded black pipe and spiral welded black pipe. Using spiral coil technology and high-frequency welding to create the most durable steel pipe products.

Advantages of Welded steel pipe DN300

Welded steel DN300 has the advantage of high durability, and has many diameters suitable for each different project. At the same time, the price of the products is relatively cheap, so it will reduce the construction costs for the contractor.
Welded steel pipes are also divided into many types to suit each project, such as:
– Industrial pipes: A type of pipe frequently used in construction works, pipes used to conduct oil and gas according to API standards, the technical standards of this steel pipe product are SS400, S540, STK400
–Fabricated steel pipe: a type of steel pipe used in mechanical engineering, processing to produce tables and chairs, machine details… This type of steel pipe requires certain toughness to be able to bend processing. or crush…

Easy to install, easy to use: Welded steel pipe DN300  is produced with many different specifications and thicknesses and the thread, weld, and flange are easy to adjust as required, so this type of steel pipe is very flexible in use.
The process of installing black steel pipes is not too complicated, but also very easy when moving and installing at construction sites. Therefore, depending on each project, customers can use round steel pipes of different lengths for threading or flange connection.


Goods name Diameter O.D Thickness Standard Thickness Weight
Welded steel pipe (mm) (mm) ( SCH) (Kg/m)
DN300 323,9 4,2 SCH5 33,1
DN300 323,9 4,57 SCH10 35,97
DN300 323,9 6,35 SCH20 49,7
DN300 323,9 8,38 SCH30 65,17
DN300 323,9 10,31 SCH40 79,69
DN300 323,9 12,7 SCH60 97,42
DN300 323,9 17,45 SCH80 131,81
DN300 323,9 21,4 SCH100 159,57
DN300 323,9 25,4 SCH120 186,89
DN300 323,9 28,6 SCH140 208,18
DN300 323,9 33,3 SCH160 238,53

Application of Welded steel pipe DN300

Technical use: DN300 welded steel pipe is used in welded steel frames that are subjected to loads from different directions. In construction, scaffolding made of the metal always meets industry standards. Because there is no need to nail or install screws, assembly and dismantling times are quick and easy. Steel scaffolding can withstand large weights and is safe for users.

Used in automobile production: Currently on the street, the number of cars is increasing day by day, in automobile manufacturing enterprises. There are many parts of the car that need to use steel pipes, including black pipe, stainless steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel …

Producing everyday items: Welded steel pipe is used as a cabinet frame, a bed, a knife handle, a kitchen utensil handle, a panhandle, etc.

Based on the above classifications, we can also know that steel pipe is not only used in the construction industry, but also in furniture manufacturing, machine building, automobile manufacturing, ships, and irrigation. …..

Origin: There are many manufacturing countries such as China. Brazil, Russia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia…

Welded steel pipe production standards DN300

Standard: Welded Pipe DN300  is manufactured according to ASTM A106 Gr B, ASTM A53 Gr B, and API 5L Gr B standards.

Diameter: 325 stainless steel pipe, DN300 steel pipe, 12-inch steel pipe

Length: Welded steel pipe 325 with a length of 6mm-12mm

Chemical composition of welded steel pipe DN300.

We always try to update the latest welded steel pipe prices to our customers. However, the price of steel pipe is always changing, so please contact the sales department to receive the most accurate quote at the time of customer contact.

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