Caps FKK

Weld Cap FKK

Welding caps of the type steel pipe fittings are widely used in constructions such as: fire protection systems, wastewater treatment, water and gas pipelines, etc. Products are available in various sizes. With the weld  cap FKK is a high quality product, manufactured to strict standards. Customers can refer to the FKK fitting (accessories) catalog to better understand the production process as well as the parameters of the FKK cap.

chén hàn fkk

 specifications of weld cap

Customers refer to the specifications according to the following table:

Chú thích:

  • Distance from center to end face: E1, E, T: Wall Thickness limit
  • Nominal diameter: A, B
  • Outside diameter: OD
  • Approximate weight kg: SGP, S40, S80

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