Reducing tee FKK

FKK Welding Reducing Tee

FKK Welding Fittings is a new brand of steel pipe fittings appearing on the market. With high quality and reasonable price, this type of fitting (accessory)  quickly won the trust of customers in the Vietnamese market. Customers want  to buy FKK fitting (accessories) or welding reducers can contact Tiger steel, we are a reputable unit specializing in distributing FKK fitting (accessories) with the best price in Ho Chi Minh City.

tê giảm hàn fkk

Specifications of FKK . welding reducing tee

Customers refer to the following table of specifications and contact us if they need advice on products:

Chú thích:

  • Nominal diameter: A, B
  • Outsite diameter: OD1, OD2
  • Distance from centre to end face: C, M
  • Approximate weight kg: SGP, S40,S80

Contact Tiger steel to receive reduced price list and FKK accessories. We are a reputable dealer distributing FKK fitting (accessories) with the best prices nationwide. Customers can contact us directly at the following address:

  • Hotline: +855968696789
  • Email:
  • Website:

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