Daejin Korea sprinkler nozzle connection hose

Daejin Korea sprinkler nozzle connection hose

The flexible hose connecting the sprinkler nozzles Daejin Korea helps in the construction of Sprinkler nozzles faster. Can be completed with a slight pull of the lever down, so that the end clamp and center clamp can be applied with just one touch. Compared with conventional construction method by screwing a few turns until tight, one-touch clamping belt has many advantages. And now anyone can install sprinkler heads quickly and accurately in just 3 seconds.

What is a sprinkler nozzle connection hose?


The English sprinkler joint is flexible sprinkler joint.

The product is a 304 stainless steel hose, diameter 1/2″ and 3/4″.

Available lengths: 700 – 1800mm (for UL and FM approved Models) and 400 – 3500mm (for Korea and Japan).

Most companies from Korea require this type of sprinkler to be installed in their fire suppression systems.

What types of nozzle connection hoses are there?

Currently, in Vietnam, there are 2 Korean manufacturers, UL, FM certified, including:

Young Jin

flexible sprinkler joint young jin korea

Catalog of flexible hoses for nozzles

You can download the catalog of Daejin and Young Jin products here:

How much is the price of the hose connecting the Daejin injector?

The price of the hose connecting the nozzle is also quite cheap, compared to your construction with steel pipes and threaded fittings. To receive a quote, please contact us at 0931272222 or 0767555777.

We also have a branch in Cambodia. You can contact +855 968696789 for a quote. Tiger Steel Cambodia

Where to buy sprinkler nozzle connection hose?

Tiger Steel Company specializes in providing all kinds of fire prevention and fighting materials, construction equipment for fire fighting systems.

Tiger Steel
551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, HCMC

Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 0931272222
Phone number: 0932059176
Email: tinhdoanh@thepbaotin.com

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