Large black steel pipe D200

Are you looking for information about the product black steel pipe D200 to consider choosing for your project? Or do you need to find a genuine, reputable supplier of black steel pipes (D200)? If that is the information you need, please see the article below from Bao Tin Steel.

What is a black steel pipe D200?

Black steel pipes are steel pipes that have not been coated with zinc or painted on the surface. Steel pipes will have a characteristic black or dark blue color (the color of the iron oxide layer created during the hot rolling of steel billet). This material is used for projects or applications that do not require high rust resistance.

So black steel pipe D200 is a black steel pipe product with an outer diameter of approximately 219.1mm (DN200). This black steel pipe, DN200, is considered a large-sized black steel pipe, suitable for projects that require a load.

Thép ống đen D200 là gì?
Concept of black steel pipe D200

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Does black steel pipe rust?

To compare the rust resistance of black steel pipes with galvanized steel pipes, black steel pipes rust much faster than galvanized steel pipes. Because there is no protective layer on the surface of black steel, when exposed to the environment for too long, it will corrode and oxidize (peeling and rusting of the outer and inner layers will occur).

Technical characteristics of black steel pipe D200

  • Product name: black steel pipe DN200 (black steel pipe OD-219)
  • Standards: ASTM, API 5L, JIS, DIN,… Length: 6m–12m Thickness: 3.96mm–6.55mm
  • Outer diameter: 219.1mm (DN200)
Size Thick (mm) Kg/ piece
Black steel pipe D200 3,96 126,06
4,78 151,56
5,16 163,32
5,56 175,68
6,35 199,86
6,55 206,00
Thông số kỹ thuật của ống thép đen DN200
Actual images of black steel pipe D219 at Bao Tin Steel

Advantages and disadvantages of D219 black steel pipes

Advantages of black steel pipe D200

The black steel pipe DN200 has a hollow structure inside; the wall thickness is not too thick, but the advantage is that it has good bearing capacity. In particular, this material has high corrosion resistance and can withstand the humid tropical climate in Vietnam.

  • Black steel pipe D219 not only withstands direct pressure on the surface but also avoids cracks when affected by external forces.
  • At the same time, steel pipes also have uniform durability along the entire length, ensuring the sustainability of the project..
  • Manufactured with many different thicknesses, threaded ends, welds, and flanges that are easy to adjust as required, this type of steel is flexible in use.
  • The installation process is not too complicated and is easy to move and construct at the construction site.
Black Steel Pipe DN200
Black seamless steel pipe

Besides the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, black steel pipe D200 still has some basic disadvantages, as follows:

Disadvantages of black pipe steel D200

  • Periodic maintenance painting is required because the outer surface of steel pipes when peeling, can easily rust and corrode.
  • Lower aesthetics than galvanized steel pipes

Application of black steel pipe D200

With good load-bearing capacity and hardness, black steel pipe D219 can be widely used in many fields. Below are some common applications of black steel pipes (D200):

  • In engineering. Used in welded steel frames that must bear loads from different directions.
  • In construction. Used for scaffolding, gas, oil, water, wastewater pipes, etc.
  • In automobile manufacturing. Currently, the number of cars on the street is increasing, and many car parts need to use black steel pipes..

Not only that, black steel pipe DN200 is also used in the furniture manufacturing industry, machine manufacturing, irrigation,…

Black Steel Pipe D200
Bao Tin Steel black steel pipe delivery log

Criteria for selecting quality black steel pipes

Steel pipes in general, including quality black steel pipes, are always the top criteria for customers to ensure project sustainability as well as safety. So when choosing black steel pipes in general or black steel pipes D200 in particular, what criteria should you pay attention to to avoid buying poor-quality products?

1. Size, weight

The first criterion to consider is that the size and weight of the product must be within the allowable range. Currently, there are many fake and counterfeit black steel pipe products on the market. If you do not carefully consider the size and weight, the possibility of buying a “fake” product is very high.

-> You can refer to the specification table for round steel pipes to better understand.

2. Price

If steel products in general and large black steel pipes in particular come from famous brands, there will be listed prices. Therefore, to ensure you buy quality black steel pipes (D200), you need to pay attention to the product price criteria. If you see a price much lower than the manufacturer’s listed price, be careful that it is a product of poor quality and counterfeit.

-> Please consider carefully to avoid the situation of “losing money”.

3. Steel standards

Currently, in Vietnam, black steel pipes must meet the criteria in a set of standards that are strictly regulated and managed. Specifically, the commonly applied standards are Japanese standards (JIS), American standards (ASTM), British standards (BS), Vietnamese standards (TCVN),…

When you need to buy black steel pipes, you need be carefully to the above standards. For black steel pipes that do not meet the above standards, it is better to not choose them.

4. The origin

Quality black steel pipes must have a clear origin. Each batch has specific information about the brand, documents, stamps, etc. included. Therefore, when choosing to buy black steel pipes, please be careful with these things and check them carefully.

For example, Hoa Phat steel pipe products are printed with the manufacturer’s logo along with typical symbols, parameters, etc.

Address providing genuine large-sized black steel pipes

Black steel pipes (D200) are produced and distributed throughout the provinces and cities of the country. However, if you do not research carefully before choosing to buy, the possibility of buying the wrong product is high. Due to the current situation of counterfeiting genuine black steel pipes being widespread on the market, the advice for you is to find reputable distributors.

Among them, Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd. is proud to be one of the most reputable suppliers of black steel pipes in particular and steel pipes in general. All DN200 black steel pipe D200 products are imported directly from the manufacturer (without intermediaries), so the price is more competitive than the market.

Not only that, Bao Tin Steel operates with the motto of providing genuine products with clear origins. A team of experienced and highly specialized staff ensures the delivery of correct, sufficient, and quality goods.

Địa chỉ mua ống thép đen D200 tại TPHCM
Bao Tin Steel specializes in distributing genuine, reputable black steel pipes and large-sized black steel pipes.


The above article has provided readers with information related to black steel pipe D200 with the following contents: concept, advantages and disadvantages, specifications, applications, and reputable purchasing addresses. Hopefully, this article will become a reliable reference source for customers in finding and purchasing quality large-sized black steel pipe products for projects.

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