All about black steel pipes D300

Are you looking for information about the black steel pipe D300 product to consider choosing for your project? Or do you need to find a genuine, reputable supplier of black steel pipes (D300)? If that is the information you need, please immediately read the article below from Tiger Steel.

What is black steel pipe D300?

Black steel pipe D300 is a black steel pipe product with an outer diameter of approximately 323.8mm (DN300). This steel pipe, DN300, can withstand great pressure and is highly durable, so it is used in water, oil, gas, and steel structures in construction.

You may not know that black steel pipe DN300 is considered a large-sized black steel pipe, suitable for projects with high load requirements.

This type of black steel pipe is produced with a variety of pipe thicknesses, following certain production standards, ensuring it meets the outstanding advantages of OD-323.8 black steel pipes in terms of quality. At the same time, it can also be cut to flexible lengths, optimally serving customer needs.

Thép ống đen D300
Answer: What is black steel pipe D300?

Technical specifications of black steel pipe D300

Technical specifications of black steel pipe D300 may vary, depending on the standards and regulations of each country or region. However, below are the general parameters of this steel pipe:

  • Outer diameter (OD): 323.8mm
  • Thickness: 4.57 – 25.4mm
  • Standard length: 6m – 12m
  • Standards: ASTM, API 5L, JIS, DIN,…
Size Thickness Kg/ piece
Black steel pipe D300 4,57 215,79
6,35 298,17
8,38 390,98
9,52 442,56
10,31 478,08
17,45 790,74

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Ống thép đen phi 323,8
Actual image of black steel pipe D300

Advantages and disadvantages of black steel pipe DN300
Advantages of black steel pipe DN300

  • Has high hardness, good bearing capacity, and does not deform when subjected to external impacts.
  • Manufactured in a variety of sizes, meeting customer needs
  • Widely used in the construction industry and some other industries.
  • The internal structure is hollow, so the pipe weight is relatively light, making it easy to move and install.
  • Cheaper price than other steel pipes of the same size (cast steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes).
Black Steel Pipe DN300
Large black steel pipe

Nothing is perfect. Besides the advantages mentioned above, D300 black steel pipe also has some disadvantages:

Disadvantages of black steel pipe DN300

  • Periodic maintenance painting is required because the outer surface of steel pipes, when peeling, is susceptible to rust and erosion
  • Aesthetics are lower than galvanized steel pipesBlack Steel Pipe D300
Black steel pipe delivery diary of Tiger Steel Company Limited

Application of black steel pipe OD323.8

Black steel pipes (DN300) are often used in the civil industry, the construction industry, and some other fields. Below are some common applications of black steel pipe 323.8:

  • In construction.  Black steel pipe DN300 is used to make fire protection systems, water pipes,…
  • In the mechanical industry. Making mechanical equipment, mechanical manufacturing, applications to make agricultural machines,…
  • Shipbuilding
  • Irrigation water pipes, well drilling rods,…
  • Raw material pipelines, drilling rigs,

Address providing genuine black steel pipe D300

Black steel pipes (D300) are produced and distributed throughout the provinces and cities of the country. However, if you do not research carefully and decide to buy, you may end up buying the wrong product of poor quality. Due to the current situation of counterfeiting genuine black steel pipes being widespread on the market, my advice to you is to find reputable distribution units with many facilities.

Among them, Tiger Steel is proud to be one of the most reputable suppliers of D300 black steel pipes in particular and steel pipes in general.

With more than 10 years of operation and the same motto of providing genuine products with clear origins, all DN300 black steel pipe products are imported directly from the manufacturer (without intermediaries), so the price is more competitive than the market.

That’s why Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. always receives support and is the main partner of many large and small projects across the country.

Địa chỉ cung cấp ống thép đen cỡ lớn tại TPHCM
Tiger Steel specializes in distributing reputable black steel pipes in general, and large-sized black steel pipes in particular


The above article has provided readers with information related to black steel pipe D300 with the following contents: concept, advantages and disadvantages, specifications, applications, and reputable purchasing addresses. Hopefully, this article will become a reliable reference source for customers in finding and purchasing quality large-sized black steel pipe products for their projects.

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