Common types of MIHA copper threaded valves

MIHA threaded copper valve, or MIHA copper gate valve, is one of the main valve lines of Minh Hoa Company. This product comes with piping systems or flow meters. So what do you know about MIHA threaded copper valves?

Introducing Minh Hoa Company

Minh Hoa is a manufacturer of valves, faucets, accessories made of copper alloy, zinc-aluminum alloy, faucet valves, plastic accessories, water flow meters, etc. They serve the water supply industry, gas, petroleum, and supporting industries.

Faucet valve products are manufactured by Minh Hoa according to European technology and the BS 5154:1991 standard. As for water flow meters, they are manufactured according to ISO 4064 standards.

The company has invested in advanced production lines with nearly 500 new-generation automatic and semi-automatic devices. They are imported from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and China. At the same time, it is managed and operated by a team of skilled engineers and technical workers.

In addition to MIHA threaded copper valves, Minh Hoa also has MBV copper valves and MI copper valves. These are all outstanding product lines for the company. They will have different designs, standards, and roles.

Characteristics of MIA-threaded copper valves

Van đồng ren MIHA có cấu tạo đơn giản

As mentioned, this is the best-selling gate valve line of the Minh Hoa company. It has a compact design. It is a submerged stem gate valve, so it is solid, has a large hole, and is connected to the system by a threaded connection.

Valves are manufactured according to BS 5154:1991 standards. The outstanding feature is the swirled green handle. The valve has a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar, equivalent to 16 kg/cm2. The maximum operating temperature is 120 degrees Celsius.

Specification table for the MIHA threaded copper valve

INCH 2-JAN 4-FEB 1 1.1/4 1.1/2 2 2.1/2 3 4
                mm 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
Mã SP – code M0037 M0044 M0051 M0068 M0075 M0082 M0099 M0105 M0112
A (mm) 15 15 18 19 21.4 22.5 27.5 32.5 38
B (mm) 11 12 13 14.5 15 16 20 22.5 27
ØC (mm) 15 19.5 24.5 32 35 46 60 72 93
ØE (mm) 54 54 60 72 72 77 96 110 127
H (mm) 68 79 92 108 114 141 171 194 237
SW (mm) 26 32 38 48 54 65 83 94 124
L (mm) 42 44 52 56 62 67.5 80 89 110
Weight (g) 270 336 458 668 838 1345 2420 3100 6130

Van đồng ren MIHA

Application of a MIHA threaded copper valve

This valve is made with a much higher copper content than the MBV and MI valves. Therefore, it can withstand pressure and heat better. This is also the reason it is used in many large projects, such as:

  • In clean water supply and drainage systems, wastewater
  • In steam systems, boilers
  • In gasoline and oil transmission systems
  • In chemical production and transmission systems.
  • In thermal and hydroelectric power plants

Address for selling MIHA threaded copper valves

Many stores and dealers are selling MIHA copper-threaded valves. However, not every place provides quality products. If you are wondering because you don’t know where to put your trust, Tiger Steel is the unit you should consider.

Thép Bảo Tín phân phối van đồng ren MIHA
Tiger Steel distributes MIHA-threaded copper valves.

With more than 10 years of operation in the field of distributing steel pipes and industrial supplies, Tiger Steel Co., Ltd. has gained a solid foothold in the market.

The main products that Tiger Steel distributes are mainly steel pipes (black steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, large steel pipes, etc.). Along with that are industrial supplies, including MIHA copper gate valves.

Tiger Steel is a partner of famous brands in the iron and steel industry such as Hoa Phat, Viet Duc, SeAH, Cangzhou, and Sao Viet. These are all “big brands” in the field of construction materials in our country.

Products here are also trusted by customers because they always have clear origins. Information and quality inspection documents are always complete. Along with that, the price the company offers is always very good.

In addition, when purchasing steel pipes, valves, and water meters at Tiger Steel, customers will also be supported by a team of experienced staff. They are not only professional but also very dedicated. This is what always makes customers praise the company.

>> Refer to the Minh Hoa valve price list at Tiger Steel.

Note when buying MIHA threaded copper gate valve

Below are a few notes that customers need to know when buying MIHA valves in particular and Minh Hoa valves in general:

Newly purchased valves will feel stiff. Just operate it a few times, and it will be smooth again.

If the valve is used for a long time, the thread will gradually wear out, and the tightness will not be guaranteed.

Valves are made up of many different parts, so when used with liquids, many impurities will deposit and cause the valve to get stuck.

Above is information about the MIHA valve. Hopefully, through the article by Tiger Steel, people will understand more about this valve line as well as the reputable place to buy copper valves. Contact the hotline at 0932 059 176 immediately for support and ordering instructions.

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