Nam Kim corrugated iron (Zinc roof) price list latest updated 2023

Nam Kim corrugated iron (Zinc roof) price list latest updated 2023

Nam Kim corrugated iron (zinc) is produced using NOF technology according to JIS G3321 standards. Suitable for many uses, long life, and is three times more durable than conventional galvanized steel products It is not natural that this line of corrugated iron is so popular. Read today’s article to learn how much Nam Kim corrugated iron is currently

Outstanding advantages of Nam Kim corrugated iron(zinc)

  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Good soundproofing and heat insulation.
  • Anti-finger coating creates a shiny, highly aesthetic surface without worrying about oxidation.
  • Don’t worry about scratches or peeling during the stamping and rolling process.
  • Nam Kim color-coated galvanized steel sheet is a high-quality, durable product produced with NOF technology galvanized steel materials combined with SPM flat-rolling and tensioning equipment, and advanced reversible paint shaft technique.
  • Nam Kim cold-coated steel sheet (55% zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel sheet) – NAKI ZINCALUM is specially manufactured to be suitable for many uses, has a long lifespan, and is many times more durable than galvanized steel products. normally.
  • Nam Kim cold galvanized steel sheet (55% zinc aluminum alloy galvanized steel sheet) – NAKI ZINCALUM has high corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, anti-finger coating helps the surface to be bright and beautiful, and effectively prevents stains and oxidation. , reducing peeling and scratches during the stamping and rolling process.
Quy cách Tôn Nam Kim
Specification table of Nam Kim zinc

Is Zinc Nam Kim good? Where is Nam Kim Zinc Company?


Nam Kim Steel Sheet Joint Stock Company has its headquarters located at N1 Street, An Thanh Industrial Cluster, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province. Established in 2002, the company’s main field of activity is the production and distribution of roofing sheets such as NAKI ZINCALCUM cold-coated sheets, NAKI COLOR color-coated sheets (color-coated zinc sheets, color-coated cold-coated sheets), and other construction iron and steel products.

All roofing and construction iron and steel products are produced on modern technology lines imported from Korea. The corrugated iron production process is closed and strict. Every stage of production is carefully monitored and inspected, and this brand is always evaluated positively by consumers. This corrugated iron not only has good quality, but the price is also extremely competitive (relatively cheap compared to other types of corrugated iron (Zinc) such as Hoa Sen, Dong A, Phuong Nam, etc.).

Production standards of Nam Kim corrugated iron (Zinc)

Nam Kim corrugated iron (Zinc) is manufactured according to the standards of leading countries in the world and Vietnam:

  • The zinc corrugated iron production line is based on JIS G3302 (Japan) and TCVN (Vietnam) standards.
  • The cold corrugated iron (Zinc) production line is based on JIS G3321 (Japan) and TCVN (Vietnam) standards.
  • Colored corrugated iron production line based on standards JIS G3312 and JIS G3322 (Japan), TCVN (Vietnam)

Possessing these value standards helps Nam Kim zinc products meet the strict needs of the market. It is thick, has good resistance, is durable, and rarely rusts. Therefore, this line of corrugated iron (zinc) is chosen for many applications in different fields.

Technical specifications of Nam Kim corrugated iron (zinc)

Below are the general technical specifications for customers to refer to and learn more about this brand’s corrugated iron.

  • Thickness of corrugated iron (zinc) sheet: from 0.25 to 1.0mm
  • Panel width: from 600 to 1250mm
  • Nominal amount of plating: AZ50-AZ200
Thông số kỹ thuật của tôn Nam Kim
Technical specifications of Nam Kim corrugated iron (zinc)

Thông số kỹ thuật của tôn Nam KimThông số kỹ thuật của tôn Nam Kim

>> Refer to the prices of zinc steel sheets, color-coated steel sheets, and cold iron sheets available at Tiger Steel

The unit provides reputable-quality Nam Kim corrugated iron products.

Tiger Steel is a unit specializing in providing high-quality, standard Nam Kim corrugated iron products. Products have CO/CQ certificates and clear origins with reasonable prices.

After operating in this field for more than 10 years, Tiger Steel is known as a reputable distributor and has a place in the market. In addition to Nam Kim’s corrugated iron products, the company also provides many other materials. Typical types of steel pipes are seamless steel pipes, black steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, large steel pipes, etc. Along with that are other industrial supplies such as flanges, blind flanges, elbows, reducers, and sockets. connect,…

Buying products at Tiger Steel, customers will receive incentives such as:

–Delivery to the construction site will only occur when the customer receives the full quantity, specifications, and types. Payment will be made to ensure that customers control the goods as well as the specifications.

–commitment to 100% factory sales with the manufacturer’s label.

–Receive orders by phone, email, and free delivery within HCMC.

–Order within 1 hour and the goods will be shipped to the construction site.

Nam Kim Steel Sheet (zinc) price list, latest updated 2023

Today, Tiger Steel would like to send customers the latest price list of Nam Kim corrugated iron (zinc) products for your reference.

Bảng giá Tôn Nam Kim cập nhật mới nhấtBảng giá Tôn Nam Kim cập nhật mới nhấtBảng giá Tôn Nam Kim cập nhật mới nhất

  • The price includes 10% VAT.
  • Delivery to your door, and discounts when ordering in large quantities.
  • Tiger Steel always has attractive discounts and incentives for customers who are companies and construction contractors.
  • Support the free transportation of Dong-A corrugated iron sheets to the construction site

However, domestic corrugated iron (zinc) prices in general and Nam Kim corrugated iron prices in particular are affected by world iron and steel prices. Therefore, to know the exact price of corrugated iron at the right time of order, you can contact our hotline at 0932 059 176 for our best support.

Above is information about Nam Kim’s corrugated iron as well as the recent price list of Nam Kim’s corrugated iron sheets. Hopefully, what Tiger Steel just provided will help people understand the current situation of corrugated iron (zinc) prices. At the same time, have a reputable and quality address to buy corrugated iron. If you need consulting support and a quote, don’t hesitate to call us.

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