The latest Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube price list

The latest Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube price list

Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube is six times more durable than regular square steel tube. It is highly aesthetic; there is no need for a protective coating, but the surface is still shiny and durable. This product comes in all sizes and can meet all customer needs. Let’s see the size table and price of the Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube to better prepare for your project!

Learn about Hoa Sen Manufacturing Group

Hoa Sen Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam, specializing in producing and trading steel sheets. With constant efforts, this group has brought products to more than 87 countries around the world.

Hoa Sen is increasingly asserting its position in both domestic and international markets by accounting for 36% of the domestic consumption market share and more than 40% of the industry’s export output. The products here are not only high quality but also very affordable. That is why the Hoa Sen steel sheet has become the top priority of Vietnamese users.

In addition, Hoa Sen steel pipe products are produced on advanced and modern production lines. High technology using a non-oxygen furnace is one of the most advanced technologies today.

The production scale of Hoa Sen steel and steel pipes

By owning four large factories, Hoa Sen Group always ensures to meet market demand. Not only in quality but also in output. Specifically:

– Hoa Sen Construction Materials Company Limited in Phu Tho: With 19 production lines, the capacity to produce steel pipes is 291,600 tons per year.

– Branch of Hoa Sen Construction Materials Company Limited in Hai Duong: With 6 production lines, steel production capacity is 82,800 tons per year.

– Hoa Sen Binh Dinh Company Limited: With nine production lines, the steel production capacity is 132,480 tons per year.

– Hoa Sen Nghe An Steel Sheet Company Limited has six production lines with a steel production capacity of 82,800 tons per year.

Therefore, the supply time of Hoa Sen’s steel pipe products on the market is always the most timely and fastest.

Giá sắt hộp mạ kẽm Hoa Sen luôn cạnh tranh top đầu thị trường
Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube prices are always competitive at the top of the market.

In addition to focusing on building manufacturing factories, Hoa Sen Group also develops more than 180 wholesale and retail distribution branch networks nationwide. with that, we can reach customers as quickly as possible. In 2018, Hoa Sen Group has been implementing the goal of expanding 300 branches nationwide.

Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube production process

The steps to produce Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube are:

rust removal >> cold rolling >> soft annealing >> galvanizing >> cutting tape >> shaping >> forming products.

Manufactured through modern lines with advanced technology, Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube products always have very high durability and aesthetics.

At the same time, the product surface always has maximum shine along with very good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

With the outstanding advantages of Hoa Sen steel pipes, many customers trust and choose the product to build important projects.

With a closed production process and a quality management inspection system, Hoa Sen steel pipe products should ensure quality standards. Specifically, steel pipes are always the correct thickness within the three announced reams, and the surface dimensions are always accurate.


sắt họp mạ kẽm Hoa Sen được ứng dụng trong nhiều công trình
Hoa Sen galvanized steel assembly is used in many projects.

Characteristics of identifying genuine Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube

When buying Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube products, customers should carefully observe the lines printed on the surface of the product. If it is a genuine product, this print line clearly and specifically shows product information and product quality standards.

Example: HOA LOT ZINC-PLATED PIPES, NATIONAL BRAND, NOF TECHNOLOGY, ISO 9001:2008, Z (Volume of Galvanized Layer), Specification: (Short side x Long side) mm x (Length of steel pipe) m (Finished product thickness) mm ± 5% CODE (machine number) C (number of production shifts) PRODUCTION DATE (DD/MM/YY) COMPANY EXPORT SANR (Name of company and address of place of production export)

In addition, the Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube also has a shiny color, a smooth surface, and no rust stains. If you see strange signs on the steel surface, customers need to really consider it.

Sắt thép Hoa Sen luôn được đánh giá cao
Hoa Sen zinc and steel pipe is always highly appreciated.

Address: selling quality Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube

If you don’t know where to buy this line of square steel tubes, Tiger Steel Company Limited is the name you should consider. Not only does it distribute genuine products, but Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube prices here are also extremely competitive. Company Commitment

  • Square steel tube products have a clear origin from the factory, and products are inspected and tested for quality before being shipped to the warehouse.
  • Customers are allowed to return if they are not satisfied with the product’s quality.
    Tiger Steel has many preferential policies and discounts for long-time customers and customers who buy in large quantities.
  • Goods are always available in the warehouse; customers do not need to wait when ordering.
  • Products always have the most popular sizes, consistent with international and domestic standards. Please contact us directly.
  • Products are sold according to commercial processing specifications. If customers want to order according to specific specifications, please contact us for production.
  • Free delivery within Ho Chi Minh City for large orders and pre-orders for production Surcharge for a delivery fee for long-distance orders.

Price list and sizes of Hoa Sen galvanized square steel

(The latest Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube price list)

The Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube price list is continuously and most accurately updated by Tiger Steel from the factory for customers’ reference.

Specifications Thickness Kg/pcs  Price/pcs 6m 
Galvanized square steel tube (13 × 26) 0,9 2kg50                     45,500
1,2 3kg40                     56,000
Galvanized square steel tube (20 × 40) 0,9 4kg20                     68,000
1,2 5kg50                     93,000
1,4 7kg00                   113,000
Galvanized square steel tube(25 × 50) 0,9 5kg20                     89,000
1,2 7kg20                   117,000
1,4 9kg10                   145,000
1,8 11kg00                   194,000
2 13kg80                   231,000
Galvanized square steel tube (30 × 60) 0,9 6kg00                   107,000
1,2 8kg50                   141,000
1,4 10kg30                   173,000
1,8 13kg20                   213,000
2 16kg80                   299,000
Galvanized square steel tube (30 × 90) 1,1 12kg30                   205,000
1(40 × 80) 1,2 11kg00                   189,000
1,4 14kg00                   228,000
1,8 17kg30                   291,000
2 21kg50                   374,000
Galvanized square steel tube(40 × 80) 1,2 14kg40                   237,000
1,4 17kg20                   288,000
1,8 22kg00                   363,000
2 27kg00                   449,000
Galvanized square steel tube (60× 120) 1,4 22kg00                   363,000
1,8 27kg00                   447,000
2 32kg00                   567,000
3 50kg00                   835,000

* Note: The above price list is for reference only. This price also depends on the market dynamics at each time. To get the most accurate price list, call Tiger Steel via hotline: (+84) 0932 059 176.

How to receive a price quote for Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tube

Step 1: Customers contact the company to order steel.

  • Method 1: (fastest) – Call directly to Hotline 0932 059 176
  • Method 2: Chat with staff (in the chat box below or leave a comment below the article). This way we respond very quickly, usually immediately.
  • Cách 3: Gửi mail về
Step 2: Our staff will receive information, check the quantity and inventory, quote prices, and finalize delivery time for customers.
Step 3: Make a contract, the customer deposits 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer).
Step 4: We will deliver exactly as requested.

The above article has provided information about Hoa Sen steel pipes as well as the price list of Hoa Sen galvanized square steel tubes. Tiger Steel hopes they will be useful to everyone. Contact us immediately if you need help or ordering support!

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