Price list of galvanized steel pipe

Price list of galvanized steel pipe

Price list of galvanized steel pipe Currently on the market there are many types of steel boxes of many different manufacturers. With each type of steel box, there will be a different price, depending on the choice of the buyer. The price of galvanized steel pipe also, it depends on the brand, the quality of the manufacturer. So it takes a lot of time to calculate the price of the galvanized steel pipe At the same time, the steel price will also fluctuate from time to time, so if you want to buy can you contact us for the most accurate and fastest  steel pipe quote.


Manufacturers of galvanized steel pipe in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many reputable manufacturers of  steel tube and pipe steel. Each factory will provide the market with its own steel square with different characteristics and prices. You can refer to some typical steel factories in Ho Chi Minh City below:

  • Hoa Phat Steel Factory
  • Maruichi Sunsteel Steel Factory
  • Hoa Sen Steel Factory
  • Vina One Steel Factory
  • Steel Factory 190
  • SeAH . Steel Factory

In addition, there are a number of combined factories, producing products with large blocks at very competitive prices compared to other factories, but product quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, customers when buying products need to be careful about both price and quality so as not to face difficulties in the process of using.

Steel square

The following is the size of the square box steel that  Tiger steel is distributing in the market. With the size and thickness, it promises to meet all the needs of customers.
  • Steel square 10×10
  • Steel square 12×12
  • Steel square 13×13
  • Steel square 14×14
  • Steel square 16×16
  • Steel square 20×20
  • Steel square 25×25
  • Steel square 30×30
  • Steel square 40×40
  • Steel square 50×50
  • Steel square 60×60
  • Steel square 90×90
  • Steel square 100×100
  • Steel square 150×150
  • Steel square 175×175
  • Steel square 200×200
  • Steel square 250×250
  • Steel square 300×300
  • Steel square 350×350
  • Steel square 400×400

The above square steel square will have a thickness of 0.5mm to 20mm, however, if customers have special needs, they can contact Tiger Steel to meet the needs of customers.

Steel rectangular tube

Currently, Tiger Steel is distributing on the market the following rectangular steel :
  • rectangular steel 13×26
  • rectangular steel 10×30
  • rectangular steel 20×30
  • rectangular steel 20×40
  • rectangular steel 25×50
  • rectangular steel 30×60
  • rectangular steel 40×80
  • rectangular steel 50×100
  • rectangular steel 60×120
  • rectangular steel 75×125
  • rectangular steel 75×150
  • rectangular steel 100×150
  • rectangular steel 125×175
  • rectangular steel 100×200
  • rectangular steel 150×200
  • rectangular steel 150×250
  • rectangular steel 200×300
  • rectangular steel 150×350
  • rectangular steel 250×350
  • rectangular steel 200×400

These products have a thickness of 0.5mm to 20m in addition, Tiger steel can be manufactured and imported according to orders if customers have demand. Contact us immediately if you need detailed information about products as well as quotes about galvanized steel square!

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