Price list of H (H-Beam) JIS G3101 SS400

Price list of H (H-Beam) JIS G3101 SS400

H-shaped steel is commonly used in the truss system of pre-engineered steel buildings, bridges and roads. Even now, H steel is used instead of reinforced concrete columns in residential houses a lot.

Tiger Steel is a supplier of all kinds of U-I-V-H section steel, Round bar steel, Square bar, tube steel, square steel and especially H steel (H-Beam) JIS G3101 SS400.

H steel is produced in Vietnam (POSCO) and imported from China and Korea with very good prices and guaranteed quality. H-shaped steel is used in road and bridge construction, factory construction, prefabricated house structure, mechanical industry, …

Currently, Tiger Steel is distributing products with three steel grades: Japanese steel grade:  SS400, …according to standards: JIS G 3101, SB410, 3010, Chinese steel grade: SS400, Q235B….according to standards: JIS G3101, SB410, 3010, American steel grade: A36,… according to standard: ATSM A36.


Common sizes and standard thicknesses of H-beam (H-Beam) JIS G3101 SS400

Customers refer to the common size and standard thickness of h-shaped steel, if necessary, they can contact Tiger Steel for more detailed advice.

Common sizes and standard thicknesses.
H (mm) B (mm) t1(mm) t2 (mm) L (mm) W (kg/m)
100 100 6 8 12 17,2
125 125 6.5 9 12 23,8
150 150 7 10 12 31,5
175 175 7.5 11 12 40.2
200 200 8 12 12 49,9
294 200 8 12 12 56.8
250 250 9 14 12 72,4
300 300 10 15 12 94
350 350 12 19 12 137
400 400 13 21 12 172
588 300 12 20 12 151

Price list of H-beam (H-Beam) JIS G3101 SS400

Customers wishing to buy H JIS G 3101 SS400 steel should contact Tiger Steel at hotline 0932059176 for a quote for JIS G3101 SS400 H (H-Beam) steel, or you can refer to the price list at the website.

Tiger Steel is a prestigious address specializing in providing high quality steel at good prices. In addition to steel, we also import all kinds of steel according to customers’ own specifications. Buy now at Tiger Steel to get the product at the best price!

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