Seamless steel pipe at Ho Chi Minh City

Seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City are distributed by Steel companies, in which Tiger Steel is a prestigious address where customers can find high-quality steel pipes.

The company is supplying several types of steel pipes in the market such as: Seamless steel pipes, black steel pipes, large steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes.

Address selling Seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger Steel is a leading importer of large-sized steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, and seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City.

We always put quality standards first, so we are constantly searching for the best seamless  steel pipes so that our customers can have satisfactory products at the best prices.

ống thép đúc chất lượng cao

The standard of steel pipe: ASTM A53 – A106 – API 5L (SCH10 – SCH20 – SCH30 – STD – SCH40 – SCH80 – SCH160 – XXS…),

In addition, each type of “seamless steel pipe” on the market will have separate standards and meet the unique needs of customers.

Besides, Tiger Steel also accepts to import seamless steel pipes with special specifications at the request of customers, the time of import is from 15-35 days (depending on the type).

Characteristics of seamless steel pipe

High pressure seamless steel pipe with hollow steel pipe structure, light weight but very good bearing  and durable, so it is used in many different fields such as:

Water supply and drainage works, used to work in oil and gas drilling rigs, fire protection pipelines and many other industries use this product.

Currently, all types of seamless steel pipes are imported from abroad, because domestic factories cannot produce seamless steel pipes.

đặc tính ống thép đúc

Specification table of seamless steel pipe

The following are some common types of seamless steel pipes that are searched by many people on the market:

  • seamless steel pipe 12
  • seamless steel pipe 27
  • seamless steel pipe 21
  • seamless steel pipe 34

For each type of steel pipe, there will be different specifications, below is a table of specifications of cast steel pipes that “Tiger Steel” regularly imports to the Vietnamese market.

Customers can consult or if they have any questions about the product, they can immediately contact Tiger Steel.

Let us answer your concerns to help you buy the best and most suitable products.

Bảng quy cách các loại ống thép đúc

Please refer to the specifications of some types of seamless steel pipes below:

  • SCH10
  • SCH20
  • SCH30
  • STD
  • SCH40
  • SCH60
  • XS
  • SCH80
  • SCH100
  • SCH120
  • SCH140
  • SCH140
  • SCH160
  • XXS

Seamless steel pipe standard table

The customer looks at the quality standard table and the parameters of the Tiger steel pipe.

In addition, if you want to learn more about the standards of other seamless steel pipes as well as the standard sch40 seamless steel pipes, you can contact us for accurate information.

Currently, Tiger Steel is distributing high-quality steel pipes at good prices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Steel pipe standards that Tiger steel is distributing:

  • DIN17175
  • ASME SA – 192
  • ASME SA – 210
  • ASME SA – 213
  • JIS G3461
  • ASME SA – 335
  • ASME SA – 106
  • EN 10216 – 1/2/3
  • EN 10028 – 2

Bảng tiêu chuẩn thông số kỹ thuật thép

Latest updated seamless steel pipe quotation 2020

One of the criteria that customers care about when buying seamless steel pipes is the price list of seamless steel pipes.

With each type of cast steel pipe, there will be a different price depending on which product you choose. However, now there are many customers who are interested in price of cast steel pipe such as:

Seamless steel pipe price 34,Hoa Phat seamless steel pipe price… Although Tiger Steel does not provide information on seamless steel pipe price on this article.

However, interested customers can see the price list of the website or contact us to receive the most accurate quote for the product that they are interested in.

Tiger steel regularly updates the price list in the website directory so that customers can access information quickly and accurately.

In addition to seamless steel pipes, we also distribute steel pipes as well as steel pipe accessories such as:

  • Galvanized steel pipe
    Steel pipes
    Large steel pipe
    Thread Accessories
    Welding accessories
    Stainless steel accessories

Tiger Steel provides cheap seamless steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger Steel is headquartered in District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City and has a branch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We distribute imported cast steel pipes.

With a variety of types with many different prices so that customers can choose the right one.

For us, quality is what can retain customers, so we are constantly looking for the best steel pipes to get customer satisfaction.

Besides, our company is one of the long-time locations selling seamless steel pipes in HCMC.

Therefore, we have a lot of experience in the distribution of steel pipes.


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