Stainless steel safety valve L6SP/L6-LSP

1.What is a stainless steel safety valve?

Stainless steel safety valve is a valve made of material stainless steel valve used to release pressure or pressure of substances to the outside when they exceed pre-set limits..

Working in corrosive environments.
Has high temperature, high pressure, suitable for many systems of production and processing plants.
Available in different sizes and mounting for use on piping systems in two ways: threaded and flanged.

The products  safety valves  are imported directly from major companies and countries in the world with all kinds of papers and extremely favorable prices.



Applied in water, gas, vapor, etc. environments with high temperature, corrosive environment.

in clean water supply and drainage treatment systems, waste, gas and steam systems at
processing plants, manufacturing plants, and industrial parks.
In residential areas, textile factories, boilers, car assembly and repair garages, etc.
And some related fields such as food, pharmaceutical, alcohol and beverage production
A hydraulic device used to regulate pressure in a pipeline or gas tank.
Or liquid (Valve is designed with stainless steel material, jerky handle).
A hydraulic device used to regulate pressure in a pipeline or tank containing gas or liquid.
belongs to the group of devices to regulate inlet pressure.
Product information sleeveless copper threaded safety valve Description :
Product name: Material safety valve is made of stainless steel, with hand-cranked part

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