Arita stainless steel needle valve

Stainless steel needle valve made from Industrial Valve Manufacturer Arita (Arita Valve) Mfg. (M) Sdn. Bhd.

(AVSB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unimech Berhad group.
Listed on the Bursa Stock Exchange, Malaysia.
In Vietnam, with the brand nam valve Arita Malaysia distributed by Tiger Steel.
With the Malaysian industrial valve line, Valve Arita is famous throughout Asia.
As a quality industrial valve, diverse types and competitive prices.


Learn about the stainless steel needle valve of the manufacturer ARITA

As a famous valve manufacturer in Malaysia as well as the region,.

Arita has actively supported other industries through the supply of high quality industrial valves. Valve Arita has a variety of different types of valves.

Including Arita Ball Valve, Arita Gate Valve, Arita Globe Valve, Arita Check Valve, Arita Y-strainer, Arita Butterfly Valve, Arita Foot Valve and many more industrial valves.

Valve Arita has the advantage of delivery schedule because in urgent need of goods, the production and transportation process from Malaysia to Vietnam is also convenient under the distribution channel of Tiger Steel.

Valve Arita is the largest valve brand in Malaysia with a wide range of types and models to meet all applications.

Tiger Steel distributes Arita Malaysia valves by the method of direct import from the main manufacturer, storage and distribution for projects across the country.

Van kim inox ARITA


Valve Arita originated in Malaysia, manufactured in Malaysia itself in Arita’s factory and is strictly quality controlled according to world industry standards and the Group.

Arita industrial valves are manufactured by different materials such as:

  • Brass valve, cast iron valve, steel valve, stainless steel valve (stainless steel)…
    Arita valves are used in the construction of water supply and drainage pipelines, fire protection
    Steam pipelines, gas pipelines, chemical pipelines, ships, petroleum…

In Vietnam, Tiger Steel has available Valve Arita products for industrial park factory construction projects.

High-rise buildings, clean water system, domestic and industrial wastewater


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