Stainless steel pressure reducing valve PRV

Stainless steel pressure relief valve PRV  has the following details:
Pressure reducing valve, pressure regulating valve Pressure Reducing Valve
Uses:  Used to reduce the pressure of hot steam from high pressure to low pressure, and keep that pressure constant even though the input pressure fluctuates.
How to use:  Adjust the screw cap below the valve head to set the valve outlet pressure as desired within the allowable range.

Structure of stainless steel pressure relief valve:
+ Stainless steel body (Stainless Steel – SCS14A),
+ Valve & Seat: Stainless Steel
Application: Hot Steam (Steam)
Specifications of stainless steel body pressure relief valve

Valve body material: Inox (Stainless Steel – SCS14A), Valve & Seat: Stainless Steel
–  Inlet pressure: Max 20 kgf/cm2
–  Output pressure: 3 spring thresholds: Spring A (0.2 – 1 kgf/cm2), Spring B (0.5 – 4 kgf/cm2), Spring C (3.5 – 10 kgf/cm2)
– Mounting type: Threaded mounting
– Temperature: Max 220 deg. OLD
– Valve size: 1/2″ (DN15) – 1″ (DN25)
Valve size:

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