Welded Coupling for ultrasonic pipe 49, 60, 76, 90, 114

Welded coupling and ultrasonic pipe elbows are manufactured by  Bao Tin with sizes: D49, D60, D76, D90, and D114. We manufacture directly, so the price is extremely cheap, and the goods are always available in large volumes.

What is Coupling?

Couplings Thép Bảo Tín
Welded Coupling Bao Tin Steel

Welded Coupling is a type of straight fitting used to connect two ends of pipes together.


There are two types of connections, threaded and welded. Depending on the intended use, people will have specific requirements on technical standards for each type of coupling.

Materials for Coupling production can be ductile cast iron, ss400 steel, and A105 steel specialized for high-pressure pipeline systems.

Typically, couplings will be in sizes D13 to D114, sometimes going up to D273 for bored pile pipes. (This type we can also produce to order).

Coupling Welding

Couplings Bảo Tín
Welded Coupling Bao Tin Steel

Couplings and elbows are two names for the same product.

The northern region of Vietnam often calls it an elbow (sometimes misinterpreted as a 90-degree Elbow ). As for the southern region, it is often clearly called Coupling.

Coupling for connecting steel pipes produced by Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd. has guaranteed quality, and extremely cheap price because it is a direct manufacturer.
Welding coupling is used for connecting ultrasonic pipes in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

Welded Coupling Quotes

Coupling at  Bao Tin Steel is produced by the mechanical workshop of  Bao Tin Steel, so you can rest assured that you will get the best price.

To receive a quote, please contact us at any time to receive a quote.

The main products that Tiger Steel is providing:

Steel pipe

  • Imported Seamless steel pipe (directly)
    Imported large-diameter steel pipe (directly)
  • Hoa Phat Steel Pipe, SeAH, 190… (agency)

Steel Tube

  • Steel Tube with Zinc Hoa Phat, Nam Kim…
  • Large, super-thick steel box (directly imported)

Pipe Fittings

  • Welding accessories A234 x SCH20/40/80 (directly imported)
  • Welding accessories FKK Vietnam (distributor)
  • Threaded fittings are made of materials: galvanized cast iron, alloy copper, stainless steel 201, 304, 316, high-pressure steel…
  • High pressure fittings ASME A105 class 3000psi/ 6000psi
  • Steel and stainless steel flanges

Fire protection materials

  • Types of fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fireballs…
    All kinds of materials and equipment for the construction of firefighting systems such as fire cabinets, angle valves, nozzles, water waiting throats, exit lights, automatic fire sprinklers, control centers, nozzles, hose reels, a command signal, lights, speakers, fire alarms, emergency buttons… (full automatic fire fighting system).

Industrial valves

  • Cast iron valves, flanged stainless steel valves such as gate valve (submersible, floating), ball valve, butterfly valve (handle, crank), globe valve, one-way valve (flip leaf, spring), Y filter, magnifier (pump), float valve, air release valve, safety valve, pressure relief valve…
    Threaded valves made of copper or stainless steel such as gate valves, ball valves, one-way valves, filters, pump baskets, air release valves, pressure relief valves, etc.

Water meter

  • Types of water flow meter brands Komax, Bao Tin, Sanpo…
    Hot water, hot steam flow meter


  • stainless steel pipes and Tube 201 and 304.
  • Decorative and industrial stainless steel
  • Stainless steel pipe fittings of all kinds


  • Steel I, H
  • U-shaped steel
  • Angle Steel VU
  • Purlin C, roofing sheet metal.

Steel plate

  • Common types of plain steel plate, ribbed steel plate
    Cut the ciphertext, chop the bar as required

Types of auxiliary materials

  • Steel and stainless steel bolts
  • Deck Floor Welding Nails
  • sag Rod
  • rubber

Tiger Steel can provide enough materials for you to erect a new factory building, as well as the entire large and small pipeline system. With more than 10 years of experience, we are confident to provide you with guaranteed quality products at the best prices!

We accept the import of large-diameter steel pipes and cast steel pipes from China with an extremely flexible payment policy, and very fast import time (for products that are not available in Vietnam). Please contact us immediately to receive a quote.

Tiger Steel Cambodia is a branch of Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd.

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