Welded steel pipe DN750 size 30 inches

The application of welded steel pipe DN750  is mainly in buildings, bridges, roads and civil constructions. Widely used for natural gas, petroleum (oil), chemical industry, electricity drainage, heating, pressure pipeline use for hydroelectric power plant , thermal power, water and other longer water pipelines and pipelines such as piling, dredging, bridges, structural steel, etc.

Classification of welded steel pipes DN750

+ Low Pressure Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe: This type is commonly used to make water pipes, air outlets and low pressure clothing.
+ Steel pipe welded with mineral solution: This product uses straight welding, specialized for making overhead sewage pipes.
+ Large diameter electric welded steel pipe carrying low pressure liquid: this type is similar to galvanized welded pipe used to drain water and air.
+ Stainless steel welded pipe used in mechanical structures: this is a product used to manufacture, assemble and mechanical structures in automobiles, household appliances, etc..

Production standard of welded steel pipe DN750

  • Standard: ASTM A106, A53, X52, X42, A213-T91, A213-T22, A213-T23, A210-C,,, API-5L , GOST , JIS , DIN , ANSI , EN.
  • Dimensions of seamless steel pipe 30 inches
  • Outside Diameter: phi 762, DN750
  • Schedule: SCH10-SCH60
  • Common wall thickness: 7.92mm, 9.53mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm or as per customer’s request
    Length: 3m, 5.6m, 6m, 7.5m
    Origin: Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea….


bảng giá ống thép hàn phi 762

Advantages of Welded Steel Pipe DN750 .

– Good bearing capacity
– High durability and many sizes suitable for a variety of projects
– Low cost reduces construction costs for contractors
– Welded steel pipes are easy to install, easy to use, manufactured in many different specifications and thicknesses
– Easy to move and construct at construction sites

Application of welded steel pipe DN750 in construction

Depending on the size of the pipe, DN750 welded steel pipe is applied in different projects, for small or medium sized pipe products, it will be applied in civil works, prefabricated houses, making scaffolding, lighting poles, traffic light poles….
DN750 welded steel pipe is divided into two types of black welded steel pipe and spiral welded steel pipe. Using spiral coil technology and high frequency welding to create the most durable steel pipe products.
Origin: there are many countries of production such as: Vietnam, China, Russia ….

Standard welding steel pipe production process

aw materials for production are mainly from sheet steel and sheet steel. Based on welding technology, it is divided into furnace welding pipe, electric welding pipe and automatic welding. Based on the welding method, it is divided into 2 types of welded pipe: straight welded pipe and twisted welded pipe, based on the shape of the welding head divided into round welding and irregular welding (square, beveled …) . Based on materials and purposes of use divided into types:

⇔ GB/T3092-1993,GB/T3091-1993 ( Low pressure galvanized welded pipe) : Mainly used for conveying water, gas, air, distillation gas, low pressure solutions and other purposes. The steel used is Q235A.

⇔ GB/T14291-1992 ( welded pipe for mineral solution) : Mainly used straight welded pipe to carry wastewater on the mountain. The main material is Q235A, B steel.

⇔ GB/T142980-1994 ( large diameter electric welding pipe conducts low pressure solution). Mainly used to conduct water, gas, air and other purposes. The main raw material is Q235A.

⇔ GB/T12770-1991( stainless steel welded pipe used in mechanical structures): Mainly used in mechanical structures, cars, bicycles, home appliances, hotels. The main material is steel 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, ….

⇔ GB/T12771-1991 ( stainless steel welded pipe used to conduct solution) : Steel grades are mainly 0Cr13, 0Cr19Ni9, 00CrNi11, 00Cr17…

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