Welded steel pipe Ø711

Welded steel pipe Ø711 thickness 7.92mm, 9.53mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm…

–Tiger Steel is an importer and distributor of welded steel pipes in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and all provinces across the country.

– We also have a distributor of steel pipes in Cambodia.

What is welded steel pipe, what is different from seamless steel pipe ?

–Tiger Steel specializes in distributing the cheapest imported seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes in the market.

– Seamless steel pipe is a product produced through the process of heating solid steel and then drawing the core to form a product.

– Welded Steel Pipe is a product formed through the production process by welding steel plates along the pipe body or by twisting welding.

There are 3 ways to weld steel:

–Low-pressure welding for galvanized steel pipes:  the product is used as water pipes, gas pipes…

– Welding in mineral solution: mainly used for straight pipes, used as fire protection water pipes…

– Welding stainless steel pipes:  Specialized in processing, assembling mechanical components, cars, household appliances…

Standard welded steel pipe Ø711  thickness 7.92mm, 9.53mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm thick…

–Welded steel pipe Ø711 is a genuine product, in its original condition, 100% new..

– Origin: Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India…

– Standard Ø711 welded steel pipe, large size: ASTM A53/ A106/ A312/ API5L/ ASME.

– Diameter size:  DN 700, Phi 711

– Thickness:  7.92mm – 15.88mm.

– Welded steel pipe length: 6m, 12m.


–Welded steel pipes, Seamless steel pipes are made oil pipes, water pipes, design fire protection systems…

– Welded steel pipe Ø711, DN750 is used as sewage pipes, electricity poles, construction of advertising poles, power plants, shipbuilding…

Advantages of welded steel pipe Ø711 :

– Steel is durable:  Capable of withstanding great pressure, has a large density, withstands harsh weather from the environment.

–Highly resistant to corrosion: suitable for coastal environments, resistant to extreme weather

– Galvanized welded steel pipe  is resistant to oxidation, does not rust.

– Low maintenance and installation costs, easy construction, cost savings, so contractors often choose to use.

Specification table of DN700 steel pipe,  Ø771

bảng giá ống thép hàn phi 711

Where is the dealer of welded steel pipes with cheap price, quality – prestige.

–Tiger Steel is an importer and distributor of high-quality welded steel pipes, large-sized cast steel pipes.

– We are the  General agent level 1, imported directly from the factory, so the price is the cheapest in the market.

– Tiger Steel has a friendly service department, always dedicated to helping you find the right product for each of your items and projects.

– We deliver quickly, on time, to the construction site.

– The system of cranes and delivery trucks, our workers help you save costs when buying at  Tiger Steel.

–Call us for the best price list .

In addition, Tiger Steel Company also distributes SeAH steel pipes, Hoa Phat  steel pipe, large steel pipes, steel pipe  all kinds  of fittings…

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