BS4504 – PN16 . Flange

BS4504 – PN16 .flange or also known as BS EN 1092 PN16 flange. Is a flange with a working pressure of 16 Kg/cm2 (equivalent to 227.57 Psi).

You can see more pressure conversion tables in the SI measurement system here to better understand.

BS flange is generally one of the common flange types on the market. It will not be difficult for you to see them in real-life projects and projects.

To better understand this type of flange,  Tiger Steel invites you to see the technical specifications below. View and download the BS4504 standard file here. (Note: this document is for research and informational purposes only, and should not be used for business purposes. Therefore, Tiger Steel will not accept any liability for the sale of this document. .)

BS4504 PN16 . flange Specifications

Below are technical drawings and parameter tables of flanges manufactured according to BS4504. Working at pressure class PN16.

Besides, Tiger Steel also has other standards and pressure levels for your reference

ban-ve-ky-thuat-mat-bich-bs4504-pn16Technical drawings

thong-so-ky-thuat-mat-bich-bs4504-pn16Specification table of flange BS – PN16

Features and applications of BS 4504 PN16. flange

Conspicuous features that distinguish BS flanges from other standard flanges are:

  • Most of them have ridges. And depending on the type, they have a high ledge and a low ledge.
  • The flange body will also be marked with the BS standard designation + specific pressure class.
  • Most flanges with pressure class 16 Kg/cm2 are commonly used for gas pipeline systems. Or oil pipeline, domestic water supply pipe.


Some applications of flanges
Hopefully, the knowledge provided by  Tiger Steel above will be useful to you. If you need to buy steel flanges, you can contact  Tiger Steel.
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