JIS 5K​ Flange

JIS 5K​ flange is a flange manufactured according to the JIS B2220 standard. There is a pressure level or working pressure is 5 Kg/cm2.

“JIS” stands for Japan Industry Standard and is published by the Japan Standards Association (JSA), similar to ANSI in the United States. They are created and updated by the Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC). Like JSA to ANSI, JISC is similar to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

JIS 5K​ Flange Specifications

Below is a picture depicting the technical drawing of the JIS 5K flange and the technical data sheet. If you watch but do not really understand, you can contact  Tiger Steel for more advice and answers.

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JIS 5K. Flange Specifications

Application of JIS 5K. flange

JIS flanges in general and JIS 5K in particular are commonly found in:

  • Pressure devices
  • Pipe assemblies exported from Japan
  • Many large and marine vessels also use equipment built to this standard.

There are many different types of flanges such as blind flanges, slip-on flanges, weld neck flanges, and plate flanges. Each of them serves a different and unique purpose in the piping.

Flange dimensions include multiple referenced data, flange thickness, OD, ID, PCD, bolt hole, shaft height, shaft thickness, and sealing face.
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