Large black steel pipe D355 Hoa Phat specification and size

Large black steel pipe D355 Hoa Phat specification and size

Large black steel pipe D355 Hoa Phat specification and size Black steel pipe D355 Hoa Phat large size and size of black steel pipe is a steel pipe that has not been zinc coated or painted outside, production standards according to European standards ASTM A53 ASTM A106 ….

Black steel pipe has high hardness, good bearing capacity, less rust, does not require high maintenance, is diverse in size, so it is used in many different industries.

The price of black steel pipe is lower than that of other steel pipes, which helps to save costs in the construction process.

In the following article, we send to customers product information D355 black steel pipe: specifications, sizes, applications….

Hoa Phat D355 . large black steel pipe

What are the characteristics of Hoa Phat black steel pipe?

Hoa Phat black steel pipe has ideal hardness, has very high applicability in fields such as construction, construction details that require certainty.

Applied as pipelines such as: high-pressure gas pipelines, oil pipelines, sewage pipes, etc.

Low cost steel pipe products help save costs for the project, lightweight products are easy to move and install, minimizing maintenance.

Outstanding application of D355 . black steel pipe

Black steel pipe has strong durability, does not rust in normal weather conditions, and is widely used in construction, furniture manufacturing, machine building, automobile manufacturing, ships, irrigation…

In addition, black steel pipes are also used in construction works, pipes are used to conduct oil and gas

With certain toughness, black steel pipe is also used in mechanical engineering, processing and manufacturing tables and chairs, machine details…

ung dung ong thep den
Application of black steel pipe

Many customers choose to use black steel pipes because of the following advantages

High durability:  black steel pipe has high durability, can bear great force and pressure without distorting, steel pipe is sturdy and solid, can limit cracking and denting during use.

Anti-corrosion, anti-rust:  In addition, another advantage of black steel pipe is good resistance to abrasion and rust thanks to advanced production technology.

Easy to transport and install:  Because the black steel pipe has an elongated shape, it can be packed in large bundles, convenient for transportation as well as storage in warehouses and yards.

Low cost:  Because there is no outer zinc coating, the black steel pipe is cheaper than the galvanized steel pipe, helping you reduce construction costs while still achieving the best quality.

Hoa Phat black steel pipe D355

Specifications of standard production of black steel pipe D355 Hoa Phat


Steel grade: A53, A106, A210, A213, A333, X42, X52, X65, S355,…

Standard thickness (SCH): SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, ….

Nominal Diameter (DN) : 350

Outer Diameter (OD) : 355mm

Made in Viet Nam


Product Thickness (mm) Weight(Kg/m)
Black pipe D355 3.96 34.36
Black pipe D355 4.78 41.31
Black pipe D355 5.50 47.48
Black pipe D355 6.35 11.29
Black pipe D355 7.01 60.26
Black pipe D355 7.92 67.90
Black pipe D355 8.30 71.08
Black pipe D355 9.53 81.33
Black pipe D355 10.05 85.64
Black pipe D355 11.13 94.55
Black pipe D355 12.70 107.39
Black pipe D355 13.49 113.81
Black pipe D355 14.30 120.36
Black pipe D355 15.09 126.71
Black pipe D355 17.50 145.91
Black pipe D355 19.56 162.09
Black pipe D355 21.50 177.14
Black pipe D355 23.83 194.96
Black pipe D355 27.79 224.65
Black pipe D355 31.75 253.56
Black pipe D355 35.71 281.70

Distributor of reputable and genuine D355 Hoa Phat large black steel pipes

Tiger Steel is a first-class agent distributing Hoa Phat steel pipes and has received a lot of trust from customers over the years.

We specialize in supplying black steel pipes in particular and Hoa Phat steel pipe products in general throughout the provinces and cities across the country.

All products that we provide are fully certified with CO, CQ certificates of quality and clear origin.

The price of steel pipes we send to you is always guaranteed to be the best because the products are imported directly without any intermediary stages.


bang gia thep ong den co lon hoa phat

Hoa Phat large black steel pipe price list

Note: Domestic price of steel pipe fluctuates depending on the world construction steel market, please contact Hotline to receive the most accurate quote at the time you need.

Customers will be cared for and supported wholeheartedly after purchasing, and at the same time,  Bao Tin Steel  also has the most preferential policy and after-sales service for customers.

Purchase process at Tiger steel

Customers contact to order at the company

Please call Hotline – Zalo

Or send an email to the company

Our staff will receive information, check the quantity with the warehouse and quote, set the delivery time for the customer.

Make a contract, customers transfer a deposit of 50% of the order value (cash or bank transfer)

We will deliver the goods as requested and receive the remaining 50%.

Tiger steel Co., Ltd. We sincerely thank you for your trust and purchase of the company in the past time. Wishing you and your partners health, prosperity and success.

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