Welded steel pipe 660

Welded steel pipe 660 is 7.92mm, 9.53mm, and 12.7mm thick…

  • Company Tiger Steel is an importer and distributor of cheap welded steel pipes.
  • Welded steel is specially used for load-bearing works.
  • Welded steel pipe is used to make oil, gas, water pipes, and fire protection systems…
  • Welded steel pipe 660  is used in pre-engineered steel buildings, mechanical processing, lighting poles, power plants, and shipbuilding…

Standard steel pipe 660 thickness 7.92mm, 9.53mm, 12.7mm…

  • Welded steel pipe 660 is a genuine product, complete, 100% new,
  • Origin: Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan…
  • Standard 660 large welded steel pipe: ASTM A53/ A106/ A312/ API5L/ ASME.
  • Diameter size: DN 650, Ø 600
  • Thickness: 6.35mm – 12.7mm.
  • Length of welded steel pipe: 6m, 12m.

The advantages of welded steel pipe Ø660 :

–Sustainability:  Has great bearing capacity, light density, and withstands harsh environments.

– High corrosion resistance: Used with coastal environments, with salt and acid environments.

– Galvanized welded steel pipe:  Resistant to rust, the environment is easy to oxidize.

– Steel pipes are easy to construct, and install low maintenance and construction costs…

Specification table of large welded steel pipe

ống thép hàn phi 660

Where are the distributor of welded steel pipes with cheap price – prestige, and quality?

We would like to introduce the company Tiger Steel, a supplier of all kinds of steel pipes.
Specializing in distributing large-sized welded steel pipes, suitable for all construction items.
Tiger Steel Steel has many years of experience in distributing welded steel pipes.
We import from factories such as   Hoa Phat,   SeAH, and Vina One… which are large domestic steel pipe factories.
Steel pipes are also imported from abroad such as Japan, Korea, Europe, Taiwan, and China…
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In addition, the company “Tiger Steel” also distributes Hoa Phat steel pipes, SeAH steel pipes, and fire protection materials…

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