What kind of galvanized steel pipe should I buy?

What kind of galvanized steel pipe should I buy?

Galvanized steel pipe Official distribution by Tiger Steel has a variety of different quality, price and manufacturer, depending on the actual needs of customers that have the following types:

Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipe

Following are the main specifications of Hoa Phat galvanized steel pipes, including:

ống thép cỡ lớn Hòa Phát

ống thép mạ kẽm cỡ lớn Hòa Phát

  • Galvanized steel pipe 21
    Galvanized steel pipe 27
    Galvanized steel pipe 34
    Galvanized steel pipe 42
    Galvanized steel pipe 49
    Galvanized steel pipe 60
  • Galvanized steel pipe 76
    Galvanized steel pipe 90
    Galvanized steel pipe 114
    Galvanized steel pipe 141
    Galvanized steel pipe 168
    Galvanized steel pipe 219
    Galvanized steel pipe 273
    Galvanized steel pipe 323.8
    Galvanized steel pipe 355.6
    Galvanized steel pipe 406.4

CThe thicknesses are according to BS 1387-1985 and ASTM A53 standards

Hoa Sen galvanized steel pipe

Hoa Sen Galvanized Steel Pipe is one of the product lines known to consumers in the domestic and international market. It is widely used in many fields such as civil housing, prefabricated steel buildings, construction structures, load-bearing scaffolding, industrial production, … Hoa Sen steel pipe products are recognized with JIS G standard. 3444: 2010, JIS G 3466: 2006 (Japan), ASTM A500 / A 500M – 10a (USA) and AS 1163: 2009 (Australia / New Zealand). This is the first choice of consumers.

galvanized steel pipe seA

Customers refer to some advantages of SeAH steel pipes:
Steel billet is imported entirely from Korea
Modern production technology.
All steel pipe products are shipped under strict inspection, before the products leave the factory.

Therefore, most of the customers using SeAH tubes are very satisfied, and the price is also very reasonable.

Specifications of SeAH pipe are currently produced from DN10 – DN200 according to the following standards:
BS 1387-1985
ASTM A53 SCH40 – SCH 80 – STD
  • ống thép mạ kẽm seah
  • ống thép mạ kẽm seAH

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