Where to buy seAH steel pipes

SeAH steel pipe Where to buy with good prices and genuine distribution is the question many customers seek when there is a need to buy steel pipes from SeAH, an emerging brand in the Vietnamese market for high quality steel production, before First Tiger Steel will introduce to you this super durable steel pipe as follows.

SeAH Steel has officially been present in the Vietnamese market for more than 20 years in the field of steel pipe production. Providing customers with high quality products with advanced technology. Over a long way through the accumulation of experience and technology of steel pipe production, SeAH has so far left its mark on the market and has become one of the leading high quality steel pipe factories in Vietnam. .


In order to build and strengthen confidence in the brand and steel production technology, SeAH Steel Pipe Vietnam has built and expanded a new factory, located in Nhon Trach VI Industrial Park. With an initial investment of up to 15 million USD to bring the best quality steel for customers and contractors to choose from.

Black steel pipes SeAH Vietnam has common pipe specifications from DN15 to DN200.
Common steel pipe production standards include:
Steel pipe standard BS 1387-1985 (UK)
Steel pipe standard ASTM A53 GrA, API 5L (USA)
Standard KS D steel pipe 3562-1999 (Korea)
JIS G steel pipe standard 3454-1988
And where to go in the distribution of seAH steel pipes in Vietnam with the best price and long-standing reputation in the construction steel and petrochemical distribution market …, not to mention the distributor of steel brand Tiger Steel, located located in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City with the process of receiving advice, quotation, prompt delivery, the most competitive and stable price today in the steel distribution market.
Hotline: 0767.555.777
Email: tigersteel.vn@gmail.com
Website: https://tigersteel.vn/
Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, District 12

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